Posted by Sophie-Ha Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Netizens are becoming disappointed with the plot of 'Nevertheless'


Yoo Na Bi (played by Han So Hwee) is becoming confused about her feelings towards Park Jae Eon (played by Song Kang)and Yang Do Hyuk (played by Chae Jong Hyeop).

In the episode that aired on August 1, Yang Do Hyuk confessed to Yoo Na Bi that his feelings for her are sincere. Yoo Na Bi was caught off guard when Yang Do Hyuk suddenly confessed his feelings for her. 

In particular, when Yang Do Hyeok asked Yoo Na Bi if she had found an assistant, Yoo Na Bi responded, "Why do I feel like I'm cheating?" while thinking about Park Jae Eon.

Yoo Na Bi had made the resolve to never disappoint Yang Do Hyuk again, but she would keep thinking and worrying about Park Jae Eon as she displayed her complicated feelings.

Korean netizens are becoming disappointed with the storyline unfolding with the two male characters fighting each other for Yoo Na Bi, and Yoo Na Bi showing her complicated feelings. 

Korean netizens expressed how they feel as Yoo Na Bi is cheating and left comments saying, "I feel like the most fun episode was episode 1," "I'm so annoyed with Yoo Na Bi and Park Jae Eon, so this drama is no fun anymore," "It's becoming boring," "I think everyone is watching this because of Song Kang and Han So Hwee, no one is watching for the storyline, lol," "The webtoon was much more fun for some reason," "Please stop fooling around and have Yoo Na Bi and Park Jae Eon be together," and "The drama has a different storyline from the webtoon so that's when it became no fun."

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julysunflower36 pts Tuesday, August 3, 2021 10
Tuesday, August 3, 2021

If youve watched Cheese in the Trap, I think youll agree that Nevertheless is just a racy version of that. You have an indecisive female lead and a toxic male lead with a nice 2nd male lead, and its obvious which one is better for her, but she doesnt know (for some bizarre reason) who to pick. The drama was nice at first, but its like the female lead makes decisions that dont make sense: like she heard the male lead on the phone with another girl when she went to the toilet, saw him kissing another girl in front of his apartment, then kissed him right after like how many red signs do you want him to give you? Its so frustrating, but Im calling it right now - this drama is going to end just like Cheese in the Trap, where the female lead chooses none of the guys and decides to love herself in the end. Its a real shame about the downturn this drama took, not to mention the extremely repetitive storyline of her falling for him, him doing something toxic, her being upset then falling for him again. Not even the visuals of Han So Hee and Song Kang will make me continue to watch this drama.


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I-am-b1,253 pts Tuesday, August 3, 2021 1
Tuesday, August 3, 2021

This story is just 90% sex. The storyline is crap. There's only lust and I cant feel any love between them. Bit Na and the other ml was interesting..since they are going to cut their scenes...this drama becomes straight out pointless.


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