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Kwon Eun Bi reveals she is extremely nervous about debuting solo


On August 25, former IZ*ONE member Kwon Eun Bi appeared as a guest on the MBC FM4U radio program 'Kim Shin Young's Noon Song of Hope' alongside Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon.

This marked one of Kwon Eun Bi's first broadcast schedules after debuting as a solo artist back on August 24. The idol remarked during her radio appearance, "I am extremely nervous, and I feel a lot of pressure. I am very nervous even in this moment." 

Hearing this, DJ Kim Shin Young asked, "How did you feel when you were signing your own albums by yourself?" Kwon Eun Bi replied, "It was really new and unfamiliar, signing all of the albums by myself when I used to do it with all of the [IZ*ONE] members."

Kwon Eun Bi then shared about her hopes for her solo debut promotions this time around, stating, "I hope people will say that they saw improvement. I hope people will feel that they witnessed a new side of me." Kwon Eun BI also added on that some of her former IZ*ONE members even visited her during her MV filming. 

Meanwhile, Kwon Eun Bi debuted as a solo artist back on August 24 with her 1st mini album, 'Open'. 

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I'd fully expect her to be nervous. It is always hard for soloists that began in girl groups to being promoting alone. Taeyeon, Chungha, Sunmi, and others often comment on how odd it feels promoting alone after they had been in a group even years after they have gone solo. Even if you had some individual activities back when you were in a group you had members that maybe wished you good luck in person before you left, maybe went with you as they didn't have a schedule that day and figured they would keep you company, or were there at the dorm when you got back and were interested in hearing about your day or had waited up to order something to eat with you as they suspected you might be hungry and not want to eat alone. Also, when you go on music shows or on the radio you are used to having the other members there supporting each other and the group mood makers keeping spirits high. Now it is pretty much you and some staff members sitting around and it isn't quite the same even if you are pretty friendly with them. She'll get somewhat used to it eventually, but especially with this first promotion it is going to feel real empty backstage in the waiting area. At least on Music Core and Inkigayo she will see some familiar faces backstage a little, which will be nice.



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Thanks for sharing, I am very impressed with your post.



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