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BTS's Jimin has been a high achiever in the month of July, ending the month on a high note


Jimin is never short of new achievements on which to report. With his amazing and charming personality, striking good looks, and high-quality solo releases, Jimin is always a hot topic at any given time. For the month of July, all these attributes about Jimin that make him an all-rounded individual have seen him dominate various music charts and reach new and impressive milestones with his solo music releases, as well as win various polls due to the massive support he has from fans.

For instance, all through the last week of July, his solo songs have taken turns topping the iTunes chart for the British Virgin Islands. The first song to top the chart was 'Filter' on July 27, followed by 'Lie' on July 28, 'Serendipity (Full Length Edition on July 29, and 'Intro: Serendipity' on July 30. In addition, his first-ever self-produced song under the BTS discography 'Friends' also topped the chart on July 31. Filter remained as the BTS solo song with the highest number ones on iTunes, standing at 113 now, and also the B-side track with the most number ones in iTunes history. 'Lie' now has 39 number ones on iTunes, 'Serendipity (FLE)' has 43, 'Intro: Serendipity' has 36, and 'Friends' has 52.

All his solo songs also attained notable new milestones on Spotify, the biggest music streaming platform globally. "Filter" has now accumulated 182 million streams, holding the record for the most-streamed BTS solo song from the MOTS: 7 album and the second most-streamed BTS solo song overall. 'Lie' surpassed 143 million streams, maintaining its position as the most-streamed solo song from the 'WINGS' album, and second most-streamed song from the album overall, only behind the title track 'Blood, Sweat, and Tears.'. 'Serendipity (Full Length Edition)' crossed 149 million streams while 'Intro: Serendipity' crossed 91 million streams on the platform. His sub-unit song 'Friends' surpassed 113 million streams.

On Melon, one of the biggest music streaming and downloading platforms in South Korea, 'Intro: Serendipity' surpassed 47 million streams. 'Filter' has 118 million streams, ranking 10th among BTS's most-streamed non-singles, and the only BTS solo song in the top 10. "Friends" ranks 8th on the same list with 121 million streams.

On YouTube Music, 'Lie' official audio track surpassed 16 million streams, whereas the short film surpassed 17 million views. Out of all the 7 short films from the 'WINGS' album, the 'Lie' short film was the first to amass 1 million likes and is currently the one with the highest number of views. Earlier in the month, 'Serendipity (FLE)' official audio track surpassed 23 million streams. 'Filter' official audio track surpassed 64 million streams, maintaining the record for the most-streamed Korean solo audio track on the platform.

'Promise' surpassed 284 million streams on Soundcloud, remaining to be the most streamed Korean solo song and the most streamed song overall on the platform's history. On the other hand, 'Christmas Love' surpassed 31 million plays on the same platform. Both of Jimin's songs hold the top two positions among BTS's top tracks on Soundcloud.

Jimin also excelled in other fields outside of his music. Fans actively supported him on various voting platforms. On KDOL, an app for supporting and cheering for your bias, Jimin ranked first again for the month of July with 152,633,061 accumulative votes from July 1 to 31st, thereby extending his reign as the KDOL emperor for a full year from August of 2020 to August of 2021.

On DCInside, Jimin also took first place in a poll conducted over a seven-day period (July 25 till July 31) on "Which star would you like to create his own fashion brand?" He garnered 10,788 votes out of the total votes cast of 14,175, which was just over 76% of the total votes.

KPOPVOTE has various polls currently running, and some have ended where Jimin is and was a nominee. Four of the polls ended on July 30, and Jimin took the crown in all four polls. 

The polls were:

"The King of Selca Kpop" poll where he got 45,283 votes, amounting to over 83% of the total votes cast. 

"Favorite Butter Remix Teaser photo" poll where he got 59,704 votes, which was over 51% of the votes.
"Favorite Butter Concept Photo," where we collected 81,396 votes, 

"Favorite BT21 Character" where his character 'Chimmy' won by 68,605 votes, translating to 48% of the votes.

Fans are enthusiastic about all the new milestones recorded in the month of July and are eager to support Jimin even more in the coming month, in all aspects.


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Tearaminty1013247 pts Sunday, August 1, 2021 0
Sunday, August 1, 2021

The King nailed it! How such a good achievement. We proud of our Jimin as always.



Mudy_mu1,836 pts Sunday, August 1, 2021 0
Sunday, August 1, 2021

That’s insane! He’s the most successful soloist with no solo debut! The industry must be scared of pjm1, he’ll break every record and he’ll set new ones🔥



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