Posted by Sophie-Ha Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Korean netizens react to an article saying that all viewers may need to pay for YouTube starting June


Recently, there have been various Korean articles stating that Google will be changing the terms for many of their apps such as YouTube.

According to various media news outlets, users of Google apps will be required to start paying for their services starting June. According to Chosun News, Google will begin charging users for various apps starting with Google Photo. Previously, Google users were able to use Google Photos to store images for free, however, all users will now be charged to store images over 15 G. In addition, all YouTube videos will include advertisements and will receive direct video usage fees from subscribers. Experts say that this is a strategy revision due to stagnant growth in the online advertisement market, which used to be the main source of profit for the company. However, they also criticize that good had attracted many users with their free service but had changed the terms for their services so that all users need to pay a fee.

According to the new terms and conditions, free storage for images and videos on Google Photos will be limited to 15 G starting from June 1st.  In addition, Google plans to greatly increase advertisements on all YouTube videos and sent a notification of the change in terms and conditions. In the terms and conditions sent to users, subscribers will now be charged a premium subscription fee in order to remove advertisements from all YouTube channels or can subscribe to individual YouTube channels to remove advertisements from specific channels.

After reading the articles, there are many Korean netizens gathering to an online community to discuss this matter and express their dissatisfaction about the change in Google's terms and services. Netizens commented, "Hmm I don't know about this. This was a site that people can upload their videos for free and watch for free but now we have to pay? I wonder if people would want to pay to watch non-professional people uploading not-so-good videos," "I feel like they will just add more advertisement to make people hate commercials," "Do you know why Yahoo failed in Korea? because they provided their services such as email for free at first but then they charged people for their service so people stopped using it, this might happen, lol," "Who would want to pay for YouTube? people pay for Netflix and other apps," "I just don't need to use YouTube now, lol," and "Google is helping me get off YouTube and is helping me get back to my studying, lol."

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wesseldj798 pts Tuesday, June 1, 2021 0
Tuesday, June 1, 2021

If Youtube starts asking for money to watch videos, it will be the end of Youtube....



Kopano2,469 pts Tuesday, June 1, 2021 7
Tuesday, June 1, 2021

I feel like all videos I watch on youtube already have ads in them. Thank goodness for adbl*ckers


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