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Girls' Generation's Taeyeon says she is most drawn to these rookie girl groups


In one recent magazine interview, Taeyeon answered some questions pertaining to her prominent role in the music industry. 

The interviewer asked, "You are chosen as the role model for many groups' vocal members. While you are known as a hit idol group member born in 1990 and enjoying lasting fame today, you still continue to prove your title as a trusted artist to listen to. While you are a K-pop idol who reached the top, as someone who continues with solo promotion activities and as a senior in the music industry, you must feel a different sense of responsibility."

Taeyeon answered, "A long time ago, I would see my seniors and think 'later on, I want to have the same good influence towards my junior singers'. There must also be some trainees who are currently watching me as they dream of becoming a singer one day. It would be a lie if I were to say I am not burdened, but I do not want to be shaken by being conscious of other people. I just want to walk my path well, while showing off my good sides to my junior singers."

The interviewer also asked Taeyeon, "Who are you most drawn to these days, out of your junior singers?" To this, Taeyeon replied, "This would kind of be a cringey answer, but I really look forward to aespa. I feel a kind of energy waiting to be released, different from what is shown on the outside. Oh, and I really like STAYC. We go to the same beauty shop, and they're all really cute."

Netizens were excited at Taeyeon's interest in aespa and STAYC, and commented:

"It wasn't long ago our STAYC loved seeing Taeyeon and Key dancing to "ASAP" TTTT I hope she later overlaps in music promotions with STAYC TT "

"Taeyeon, Winter, Sieun please come out with an album. As Tae-Win-Si."

"Key seemed to really like aespa."

"Taeyeon and aespa give good vibes together."

"Taeyeon  aespa"

"Taeyeon ❤️ STAYC"

"Taeyeon, STAYC, aespa, walk only a flower path!"

"I love them all, I'm excited for Taeyeon's comeback Ahhhh!"

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Winston5,323 pts Friday, June 25, 2021 0
Friday, June 25, 2021

Taeyeon mentions STAYC, Joy Mentions STAYC, Key danced to STAYC's song..

hmm if i didnt know .. i would have thought STAYC is an SM group.. LOL.. so much SM love..
Hope STAYC and RV or Taeyeon overlap promo..one day



BizarroSimonCowe604 pts Friday, June 25, 2021 0
Friday, June 25, 2021

High praise to come from Taeyeon herself. I'm sure Aespa can live up to it!



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