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Fans say aespa members look great without makeup


Even before their debut, aespa members gained much attention. The girls have gained much attention for their exceptional visuals as many netizens awaited their debut.

After making their debut, the girls have become the center of attention, gaining many fans all across the world and setting new records in less than a year since their debut.

Recently, one netizen created an online community post explaining how the aespa members all look great without makeup and included photos of the members with and without makeup. 

The netizen who created the post explained that they came across these photos on Instagram and praised how good each member looks without makeup. The netizens added, "These photos from an international fan's Instagram account that I came across. They all look like babies. This person did a good job choosing photos that look similar." 

Other netizens commented, "They all look so gorgeous even without makeup," "They all look so cute and so innocent without makeup," "I love Giselle without makeup. She has such a beautiful face," "Ning Ning's images changes depending on the makeup style," "They're all so pretty," "Giselle looks so much better without makeup," and "Karina looks the same," "How do they look so pretty without makeup?"

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salviaa1,607 pts 27 days ago 2
27 days ago

In kpop no one talks about talent or voice anymore. The only important thing is visual!!!!!!


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Nana19984,041 pts 27 days ago 0
27 days ago

We all know SM visuals. It's not a suprise tho.

Plus,I really don't get this kind of topic. Like yeah! Ofc they're good without make up. When they were selected, it was one of the criteria. LOL

Their make up is just too much that even if it's obvious it's them, it make thing more unnatural.

Aespa have very talented members. I wish people will get to know more of this instead of focusing in their looks.

Beauty is subjective tho



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