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Actress Kim Joon Hee makes her Instagram private after 'Garo Sero Institute' YouTubers warn to expose her husband


Following actress Han Ye Seul, 'Garo Sero Institute' YouTubers (lawyer Kang Yong Seok and former reporters Kim Se Ui and Kim Yong Ho) claimed they have dirt on actress Kim Joon Hee as well. 

On June 3rd, the said YouTube channel claimed they also have information about actress Kim Joon Hee's husband. Kim Yong Ho said, "I attained information about the past 10 years of Kim Joon Hee's husband." 

Kim Yong Ho continued, "Kim Joon Hee divorced singer Jinu after 2 years of marriage and she re-married her current husband after 12 years. Her husband now co-runs Kim Joon Hee's online business with her. Head over to her Instagram and ask her where they have first met. I feel like she is going to post 'Reporter why are you writing a whole novel' on her Instagram story." 

Kang Yong Seok commented, "If a man like her husband shows up, anyone's heart would race. He literally looks 10 years younger than her." Kim Yong Ho said, "Well, she made her husband's picture public. I certainly know about the way they first met." 

Kim Joon Hee married her non-celebrity husband last year, and she has been actively promoting her online business with her husband on social media. However, she made her Instagram private after the channel streamed live. 

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jsooa335 pts 10 days ago 0
10 days ago

Just this past week this channel has threaten to expose the personal lives of multiple public figures using baseless evidence they receive from anonymous resources. Now they send followers to harass their social media accounts? How are channels like this able to monetize on YouTube. Additionally whenever they unleash on a celebrity’s life they say at the end “nevertheless, we don’t need to worry about celebrities, they have enough money and power”. The hypocrisy of this statement is insane after they dedicate hours worth of broadcasts to maliciously talk about others. For someone who doesn’t need to worry about celebrities, you sure are doing a lot of it.



miameow236,928 pts 10 days ago 2
10 days ago

Lol these wannabe journalists again .

They need to know that fiction and imagination isn't news


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