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Here are all the times Stray Kids's Lee Know was spotted by fans in BTS content


Did you know that before his debut in Stray Kids, member Lee Know was active as a part of a backdancer team?

Here are some of the most well-known times during which Lee Know was spotted by fans appearing in BTS content as a backdancer, below!

1. The "Not Today" MV

2. The "Not Today" comeback stage

3. During BTS's overseas 'Wings' tour

4. In BTS members' individual fancams

5. In BTS members' individual fancams Pt. 2

6. Even in BTS's concert photobook!

According to Lee Know himself:

"I was a backdancer from "Fire" until "Spring Day" and "Not Today". I also went on tour [with BTS]. One time, I ran into j-hope sunbaenim at a broadcasting station. He saw me and said, 'Aren't you Lee Know'?"

Did you know that Stray Kids's Lee Know was a backdancer for BTS for such a long time?

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Seonghwa-Turtle423 pts 20 days ago 6
20 days ago

love him, love watching him tho he said himself before that he doesn't like people digging up his BTS backup dancer videos/pictures so we should respect that....


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Hello-Kitty286 pts 20 days ago 6
20 days ago

Leave it to Allkpop to not mention whats actually happened this week. Everyone seems to be writing articles except yours truly. Here's a run through:

Skz did a Deadpool inspired performance of Gods Menu mash with Dududu on the recent Kingdom episode and went trending worldwide. The first mnet performance, from Queendom and Kingdom, to get 1M likes in just 3 days. It reached 16M views, as the most watched stage.


In less than a week:

- Ryan Reynolds (dead pool actor) noticed skz, calling Chan his #NewFavouriteAustralian (in reference to Hugh Jackman)
- Ryan subscribed to chan’s Bubble (yes his BUBBLE) and followed skz on twitter

- Access Hollywood did a video about the performance!! (Which was insane)

- Skz followed Ryan back, Chan replied with #SorryHughJackman (!!!!!!)

- Ryan wanted to give chan an official deadpool mask

- Hugh jackman replied to chan saying don't worry Bang Chan, you can keep Ryan. And then saying so "Hi Felix" (these 2 stars fighting over the Aussie line). Hugh jackman followed them on instagram

- Then Zedd liked skz related tweet
- Daniel Samonas (Hannah Montana actor) liked felix related tweet
- Jurassic world replied to skz related tweet

- Mt Everest replied to a skz related tweet (this one was so funny no one could handle the reply)

- Tons of articles, except for Allkpop (im looking at you admin)

*Maximum Effort= Ryans brand

*Bubble= messaging app for kpop groups interacting with fans

*Mayfly= the 3 teams collab in Kingdom: Skz, BTOB, Atz

*Miyoshi Ayaka= actor in Alice in Borderland which was a big theme of the performance

*Your name= famous 2016 Anime about a boy and girl switching bodies


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