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aespa's Winter thanks Lee Soo Man and songwriter Yoo Young Jin for raising her


On the May 25 broadcast of MBC FM4U Kim Shin Young Noon's Song of Hope Radio, aespa appeared as guests. Here, Winter expressed her gratitude towards Lee Soo Man and SM Entertainment's songwriter Yoo Young Jin for raising her.

On this day, Radio DJ Kim Shin Young asked the aespa members, "If you were scheduled to share a meal with Lee Soo Man or Yoo Young Jin, who would you choose to eat with?" To this question, Winter responded, "I actually have a store that I frequent. I would eat an appetizer dish with Lee Soo Man at that store, and then taking Lee Soo Man with me, go meet Yoo Young Jin." 

Radio DJ Kim Shin Young commented, "Wow you're so smart", complimenting Winter on her ability to figure out a way to compromise the answers to what otherwise would be a difficult situation. Kim Shin Young then asked Winter, "Between Lee Soo Man and Yoo Young Jin, you can only greet one person. To which person would you bow and greet?"

To this question, Winter stated, "Father, thank you for raising me. I won't lose sight of my original intentions, and I will work hard. Please give us a lot of love". Kim Shin Young again complimented Winter by saying, "You are very wise because none of us can figure out who 'father' is. The 'father' that you mentioned can refer to both people, but it can also refer to your real father"

Meanwhile, aespa released their new song "Next Level" on May 17. "Next Level" is a hip-hop dance track that includes a groovy rap and energetic bass riff. 

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

she was a trainee for 3 years only so she definitely meant her own father lol



Roslolian1,170 pts Tuesday, May 25, 2021 4
Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Am pleasantly surprised with the answer the article title made me think Winter was kissing some major ass. If it was someone like Sunny or Heechul or Boa etc maybe they can indeed treat Lee Soo Man as a father figure since LSM was directly involved with them since trainee days but LSM is already 68 yrs old, I doubt he still had lots of interactions with trainees now.

Like JYP said apart from Bang Chan he didnt even know other SK members so the situation is similar with LSM I doubt he had more than a couple interactions with Aespa prior to debut.

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