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Chinese media captures NCT's Winwin hanging out with girls & smoking on the street once again


It looks like NCT/WayV member Winwin was captured by Chinese media outlets once again, on a private outing with girls, where he was also spotted smoking outdoors. 

According to the account below:

"Dong Sicheng recently had another gathering with good friends at a restaurant, where they ate together. In front of the restaurant's entrance, he greeted a fellow female classmate shoulder to shoulder before heading inside. After the meal, Dong Sicheng exited first, followed by two females and another male. They got in a vehicle together and went to an escape room experience. Afterward, it was late, and so the girls were sent home in the vehicle. Winwin stayed behind and had a smoke on the corner of the street, looking at his phone. After he finished, he put out the fire by stepping on the cigarette bud with his foot, then disposed of the bud in the trash bin. He finally headed home in another vehicle." 

Seeing the latest account, netizens commented, 

"Winwin, please quit smoking for your health TT."
"It might be illegal to smoke on the street in Korea, but who knows what the laws are in China."
"These idols have no privacy..."
"I hope Winwin can quit smoking this year."
"He apologized so quickly for the last time... you'd think he'd be a little more careful? But apparently not."
"Wonder if he'll apologize again this time..."
"I mean there's nothing illegal about it, but it's not exactly great for his image either."
"It's his first time back in China in a long time, so let him just meet his friends."
"I think it would be odd if a male dance major didn't have any female friends..."
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18 days ago

Why can't we just leave celebrities alone when they are having a private time with their friends/family? Y'all really need to stop.


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ppjskh260 pts 18 days ago 7
18 days ago

I kinda agree with that one netizen that said he should quit smoking for his health but at the end of the day, it’s his life so let him do what he wants! He’s a grown man free to smoke and hang out with friends. Also, whoever took photos of him without his consent is sasaeng-like.


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