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Actress Song Hee Jun accused of abandoning her dog


Actress Song Hee Jun is being accused of abandoning her dog Monet.

An Instagram post wrote, "Monet was adopted last year, but he's back with us. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with Monet. When we got him back today, his fur was matted to the point of him having skin problems. According to the groomer, his ear fur and head fur were so matted that his ears could have gone necrotic. After he was groomed, he lost 100g. Thank you to [the pet salon] for volunteering to groom him without causing him any stress! He's going to be with the family who initially fostered him when he was rescued. We're thankful that they took him in again without any hesitations. Monet is still growing and he's very thin, so he has to gain weight. We'll keep you updated"

Monet is the dog that Song Hee Jun adopted back in June last year - she had even created an Instagram for him. However, the account (@monet_hj) has now been turned to private, and Song Hee Jun's own account (@song_hej) no longer exists.

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Both Instagram account are now Open please translate.


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Update: Hello, this is the song Hee Jun. We apologize for any inconvenience. About two months ago, a Jindo dog came next to me sharing a wall with the garden. When Monet felt the dog squeak, he couldn't sleep all night and barked. Over time, I didn't eat, and I had to throw. At the hospital, Monet, who was looking for a new home after diagnosing stress and thinking it was a way to move, decided to take care of Bonga's parents. Monet ate well again, slept well, and was recovering his condition. But recently, my father's condition suddenly became cancer. The mother of the apartment who was going to the hospital and the mother of the same apartment where she was going to take care of Monet and Monet. And he said he wanted to take care of Monet. I had to think about the situation where I had to go home with my parents, so I told you the current situation where Monet is leaving me. He asked me to share this situation and take care of Monet, but he said he could not be examined for adoption. And you took Monet yesterday. I couldn't take responsibility for leaving Monet with an immature decision. I am so sorry for Monet, and I am sorry for the adoption.


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