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Actor Ji Soo accused of severe school bullying


'River Where the Moon Rises' actor Ji Soo is the latest celebrity accused of school bullying.

On March 2, a netizen claiming themselves as a former classmate of the actor at Seorabeol Middle School alleged Ji Soo was a juvenile delinquent and bully. He further claimed he was bullied by the star between 2006-2008. The netizen stated, "Actor Ji Soo is a perpetrator of school violence."

The poster continued that Ji Soo acts nice on camera, but in 2007, he was one of the top bullies at school, adding that the actor was much bigger than his fellow students. The alleged victim explained, "His daily routine was really organized. First, there would always be a fight between Ji Soo and the other bullies. When someone in their group was feeling down, they would all come looking for me and beat me up, stomping on me and insulting me with curses."

The netizen also claimed Ji Soo and his bully friends were smokers who bullied other students into buying them cigarettes, and they would steal seats from students in the cafeteria. He added, "When food such as kimchee radish or cherry tomatoes were served for lunch, they would target other students, flinging the food using their spoons or throwing the food. I can still remember vividly how they laughed among themselves after they see the food hit my face or clothes. I can still see your eye-smile like how you show on screen now."

As for the reason as to why they started bullying him, the alleged victim claimed, "The reason this all started towards me was because one of the bullies in Ji Soo's group took away a gift certificate from student 'B,' and I told the bully I would tell the police if they didn't give it back."

The netizen further continued Ji Soo would constantly curse at fellow students every day, including curses directed towards the students' parents, and that they threatened anyone who would hang out with the alleged victim. He alleged, "I couldn't go anywhere except the classroom where the students who were experiencing the same thing as me went. Not the hallway, bathroom, or the cafeteria. When I ran into him in the stairwell, I would be driven into a corner and have to hear his abusive language... I was so scared to be near them. In 9th grade, my friend and I would eat our cup ramyun for lunch behind the classroom television."

It's also alleged the actor would shoot a BB gun at other students on the bus to school, shooting out the window and smiling. The netizen concluded, "I don't want an apology or restitution. It's already happened. I don't want an apology for something irreversible. I don't think it would be sincere either. There's one thing I want. Kim Ji Soo. If you want to act, do it. But if you do, you need the title of school violence perpetrator before your name. The memories of so many people you've bullied, like me, will never be forgotten. Pretending to be nice and kind and a good person. I can't bear seeing it. Only act onscreen."

Ji Soo's label KeyEast stated they'll be looking into the allegations.

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cherryblossombae2,364 pts Tuesday, March 2, 2021 12
Tuesday, March 2, 2021

He has been acting for years but SUDDENLY you remembered that horrible trauma after years? Very realistic.


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purplesea585 pts Tuesday, March 2, 2021 1
Tuesday, March 2, 2021

His statement is a bit conflicting. He writes that he is fine if he acts and does not want an apology but he wants him to be known as a bully. Surely he knows if this is proven Ji Soo will probably not act again in his life on TV.

This better be true if not get ready to get sued most likely.


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