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NU'EST fans trend #PledisStopNUESTMistreatment after NU'EST's extended hiatus


L.O.Λ.Es are furious at Pledis Entertainment.

NU'EST has not had promotions since May last year with "I'm in Trouble". Furthermore, 'Love Story: NU'EST Lab', the boys' reality show series, has been discontinued since November 2020. Despite promises to come back in 2021, there has been no news about the series coming back. NU'EST fans have pointed out that Pledis Entertainment has continued a similar series for Seventeen ('Going Seventeen') without any issues. NU'EST also doesn't have a season's greetings in 2021.

Despite various outlets expressing hope to work with NU'EST, Pledis Entertainment has refused them. For example, Lee Young Ja and Kim Sook both wanted NU'EST to be on 'K-Bob Star', the Gangwon-do province wanted JR as an ambassador, and 'Life & Dogue' asked to have a photoshoot with Aron and his dogs. The latter two openly said that Pledis Entertainment did not want to work with them.

Because Pledis Entertainment has a history of abandoning NU'EST (i.e. before 'Produce 101'), L.O.Λ.Es are especially anxious and have started to trend '#PledisStopNUESTMistreatment'.

You can check out the hashtag here.

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trogdorthe8th9,760 pts 4 days ago 0
4 days ago

I was so afraid this would happen. They gave this group their support after everything they were put through on Produce 101. While Minhyun was away they were given promotions, and had a healthy and warm comeback that was well-supported by fans once his time with Wanna One was through. Now, they are once again banished to the dungeon even after it's revealed that Baekho had a spot STOLEN FROM HIM in Wanna One by other greedy companies (I of course don't blame any members because they had no part in that scandal). The sad thing is if this continues, their popularity will once again wain, and with them getting older and more new groups premiering, there won't be an opportunity for a third wind in this race. It's absolutely amazing to me that they've had all this success and support only to have this happen again. Our last hope will have to be the fact that BigHit has become a majority shareholder in the company, so perhaps that will help spring things into action. If not, Nu'est will quickly be forgotten once again, which is such a shame.



lolkyeopta338 pts 4 days ago 0
4 days ago

pledis is a weird company and they have no willingness to spend money on their artists in order to promote, they only enjoy reaping profits from their idols who they throw into acting. lets all be reminded that fromis9 also got tossed by pledis management after debut. the company just sucks



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