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"Shrinking Population," There were more deaths than births for the first time in South Korea in 2020


For the first time on record, South Korea has recorded more deaths than births in 2020. The country now has the world's lowest birth rate.

As of December 31, 2020, the Ministry of Interior and Safety stated that South Korea had a population of 51,829,000, which is a decline of 20,800 compared to the end of 2019. In 2020, 275,800 babies were born, a drop of 10.65% from the previous year, while 307,764 people have died, an increase of 3.1% over 2019. the shrinking population in South Korea has alarmed the internal ministries to call for changes in their policies.

South Korea has been experiencing low birth rates for quite a long time as women struggle to balance work and other life demands while also having children. Women are often advised to establish their career first rather than taking time off for a maternity leave at the companies. Hence, more and more women opt not to have children.

Also, the steep increase in real estate prices is discouraging young married couples from having children as they wish to own their own home before considering to have children.

Last month, President Moon launched several policies to encourage couples to have children. Under the new policy, with plans to begin in 2022, every family that gave birth to a child will receive a bonus of 2 million KRW (approximately 1,850 USD) to help cover prenatal expenses along with 300,000 KRW (274.26 USD) every month for the first year. 

However, some women are unconvinced by the government's incentives as they stated the few thousand KRW would not solve the issue, and it is still expensive to raise a child.

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dancingbella232,613 pts Thursday, January 7, 2021 10
Thursday, January 7, 2021

because women are now highly educated and have dreams and aspiration other than just getting married and having children. This is seen in other developed countries as well. Also, the korean society has not kept up with times (on benefits, cost of living, maternity leave, stigma etc), hence the low birth rate. No one wants to have to juggle children, work and household chores all alone, especially in this pandemic.


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bkibz582 pts Thursday, January 7, 2021 26
Thursday, January 7, 2021

May be South Korea should STOP being a bloody Confucianism society, and introduce free education, free healthcare and lower rent council flat housing for the poor and vulnerable. Everything is bloody privatised in South Korea like the US, if people weren't struggling to survive themselves, then maybe they would have kids, also, every thing in South Korea is unnecessarily expensive everywhere, it does not correspond with the level of unemployment and the crap pay South Koreans receive. I live in the UK and people get benefits when they're struggling, my dad worked all his life and earned good money, but when he suddenly got fired from his job, he struggled to find a proper job again for 4 years and had a job, that paid him a measly £100 a week, but the government helped our family income support and benefits, he then got another qualification, so then he got a proper job again, but now because of covid he's unable to work, but the UK is giving workers 80% of their earnings and £500, if you have to self-isolate because of covid. South Korea gave vulnerable families a measly $800, when covid began, but that's it, people have lost their businesses, that they've had for decades and their livelihoods. I mean loads of people are out of jobs in England too, but they're getting some kind of support, South Korea gave nothing to help businesses, our government is paying employees and the businesses also, so they can keep running. And now, South Korea is complaining about the birth rate, and giving shitty incentives, a total of $4000 in total for the child's birth and the first year of the child's life is not going to pay for their education and healthcare at all. And also, South Korea needs to give pensions to the elderly and housing, so that 82 year old women and men are not collecting cardboard everyday for 12 hours straight, just to earn a measley $2 a day. The South Korean government needs to take care of their people first, before they demand their people to create more of them, they're seriously a shitty government.


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