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Netizens say there aren't many male idol groups that are suitable to appear in the sequel of 'Road To Kingdom'


'Road to Kingdom' began airing back in April 2020 to June 2020 and is the male counterpart of the popular Mnet series 'Queendom.' 

'Queendom' was a program in which six popular girl groups battled to take the title as number 1 when all six released their singles at the same time. The show gained popularity as MAMAMOO came in first place and Oh My Girl came in second place.

'Road to Kingdom' was the sequel to 'Queendom' as seven male idol groups competed for a spot in the upcoming show 'Kingdom.' Seven boy groups such as that were fairly unknown to many competed as The Boyz, ONF, Pentagon, ONEUS, VERIVERY, TOO, and Golden Child. The group that comes out at the top with the highest overall score was allowed to join 'Kingdom.' The Boyz won the 'Road to Kingdom' and was given a chance to appear in the Mnet show 'Kingdom,' which is scheduled to air later this year.

However, netizens are concerned about one problem - many are saying there aren't that many boy groups that are suitable enough to join the show 'Kingdom.' One netizen posted on an online community that it would only be fair for The Boyz if the contestants on 'Kingdom' were to have a similar fandom size and a similar level.  

The netizen listed up the male groups that are active currently and stated there aren't that many boy groups that would be able to appear on the show. The netizen said, "There aren't that many boy groups who can appear on the 'Kingdom.' Few of MONSTA X members are in the military, and the show can't cast NU'EST. There's no way all 23 members of NCT will appear; half of the members of WINNER are in the military as well. GOT7 and Stray Kids are in the same company."

Netizens commented, "GOT7 and WINNER will never appear on the show," "Even without Stray Kids, GOT7 won't appear on the show," "Thinking about this, it's tough to find boy groups to cast on the show," "This is why the show 'Road to Kingdom' should have just been 'Kingdom' instead of a prequel to it," "Now they won't have that many choices to cast boy groups," "I think iKON would be good to appear on the show," and "I don't think SM would let their artists appear on the show."

  1. Golden Child
  2. ONEUS
  3. ONF
  4. Pentagon
  5. The Boyz
  6. TO1 (TOO)
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Luvcakeluv700 pts Monday, January 4, 2021 0
Monday, January 4, 2021

I dont think NCT are going to join the show. SM doesnt like to involve his groups in competition with others. I feel like they are doing so well and the fandom is getting bigger so there is no need for them to be on that program



bobohulove1,039 pts Monday, January 4, 2021 3
Monday, January 4, 2021

VICTON, CIX, AB6IX sound like good candidates to me


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