Posted by Susan-Han Friday, January 22, 2021

Netizens are mind-blown by this odd Twitter search drinking game that pulls up K-Pop idols every time


Netizens are just plain blown-away by this odd Twitter-search drinking game!

The game is simple. The most important keyword in this game is the word "아기" ("ah-gi" which means baby or infant in Korean). 

"Who wants to play the Ah-Gi 'XXX' drinking game with me.
You just have to put a food in 'XXX'. 
Say you search 'Ah-Gi fried rice'.
And you see an idol's picture.
Then you drink."

An account of the Ah-Gi 'XXX' game afterward:

"Today's TMI...
Never play the Ah-Gi 'XXX' game.
Why in the world are there idol pics with the tag 'Ah-Gi fried crab with curry'?
They literally just say whatever the heck they want."

Other netizens have decided to join in on the odd search game. See what results came up.

1. Ah-Gi quesadilla

2. Ah-Gi kimchi udon

3. Ah-Gi Cheongsimwan (30-herb energy pill)

4. Ah-Gi papaya salad

5. Ah-Gi Hawaiian pizza

6. Ah-Gi Durian

Some fans have also pointed out one reason that The Boyz member Jooyeon often appears in many of these odd searches. It turns out, one popular nickname that fans like to call Jooyeon is "Ah-Gi fried rice", because of this photo:

Still, why do you think Korean K-Pop fans like to tag foods with the word "baby" in front when posting idols' photos..??

  1. aespa
  3. NCT
  4. SF9
  5. Stray Kids
  6. The Boyz
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hafsanw348 pts Friday, January 22, 2021 3
Friday, January 22, 2021

I’ll explain: There are many drinking games. For example, you take a shot everytime they say “but” on TV. So in this case, this game is about “aki” + name of a food. People are going to post pictures of idols with a caption like “aki pizza” so if you searched for “aki pizza” and you found an idol picture, you have to take a shot. For example I will search for “aki spaghetti” and I don’t find any idol, then I don’t drink. Again I search for “aki tomato” and I find an idol’s picture, I have to take a shot. I hope you understand it now.


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Jaewhaaaan1442 pts Friday, January 22, 2021 1
Friday, January 22, 2021

I think I’ve read this like 3 times and I still don’t get it


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