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IU brings her brother and fans to tears after giving her own definition of happiness


Singer-actress IU revealed her inner feelings about the definition of happiness.

On December 14th, IU uploaded a video with the title 'Jieun in the perspective of Hoonon her YouTube channel. Hoon is IU's younger brother Lee Jong Hoon, who appeared in the video last week, where he interviewed IU.

With the continuation of last week, IU sat down with her brother for a heart-to-heart talk. IU's brother began saying, "There are many times that I worry about you when I hear what people say or see the comments on the web. I do believe you're a strong person, but you never know," and confessed his feelings about his sister.

He continued to say, "You work really hard, and there are times I wonder if you're happy like that. I want to know your standard for happiness and I want to know if you're happy now."

IU gave some thought after listening to her brother's question and replied, "I'm happy if nothing happens."

IU elaborated on her definition of happiness by saying, "I think there's expressionless happiness. If there's nothing that makes me sad or mad, then I think that's happiness."

She continued to say that it's always difficult to give an answer about happiness and said, "I feel like when I say 'I'm happy,' I can't look tired or can't have an expressionless facial expression. So It's tough for me to say 'I'm happy' to people who don't know me well."

IU continued to share her earnest thoughts saying, "Of course there are sad days, the days where it's hard, but that doesn't mean I'm not a happy person. I still like myself, and I still cherish myself. I think I can say I'm happy because I like living as myself and want to continue to live as myself in the future."

After hearing this, IU's brother said he was tearing up behind the mask.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Happiness is when you like living life as you are and want to keep living life as yourself. No truer words Lee Ji Eun. I hope we all get to that place of contentment and acceptance. <3


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Tuesday, December 15, 2020



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