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GOT7 talk about what makes them breathe, thoughts on romance, & recent hobbies


In light of their comeback with their 4th full album 'Breath of Love: Last Piece', GOT7 took part in a Q&A interview!

The members got to share with fans what they've been up to lately, their comeback preparations, and more. Check out some of the members' answers below!

Q: What allows GOT7 to continue breathing?

JB: "I think it is those small moments of liberty and leisure that come in times of difficulty. Everyone struggles in life, living is never an easy task. But in that life, to be able to cherish and relish just a moment of respite moves me and gives me strength."

Mark: "These days, my dog Milo makes me happy, just by looking at him."

Jackson: "I think that I am able to go on breathing because of our fans."

Jinyoung: "I think for me, it's the process of working on music. Of course I also love performing and showing the world our music, but every moment that I spent working on this album, I had a lot of fun. I think this time around, working on our album gave me the strength to breathe on."

Youngjae: "My family, my dog Coco, and IGOT7."

BamBam: "Of course it's IGOT7."

Yugyeom: "IGOT7, my family, and my friends."

Q: In your opinion, what is romantic?

JB: "I think to be romantic is to respect others, whether it's a lover or just others you have a relationship with in general. Maybe how much you think of that person is important."

Mark: "I think it's those moments when you feel an unknown sort of happiness just by being together, even though no one is saying anything. It's similar to when we are with our fans."

Jinyoung: "For me, being romantic is responding to any situation smoothly."

Youngjae: "I think that it is romantic to buy flowers and nice clothes for my mother, since she is also a woman."

BamBam: "You can experience romantic feelings from anyone, from their specific charms. I think that honest actions are the most romantic."

Q: What are some hobbies you want to suggest to your fans?

JB: "These days, I'm into animation, so I want to suggest watching animation."

Mark: "There are so many good games these days. I want to suggest some games fans can play together."

Jinyoung: "I want to suggest swimming. It is a difficult sport, but you are so focussed on moving that you can't think of anything else."

Youngjae: "Building blocks. I don't have time to do it as often these days but it really makes you focus and erases those extra thoughts."

BamBam: "I am into exercise these days. I want to work out with our fans."

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chrisanthy-igot7146 pts Wednesday, December 2, 2020 0
Wednesday, December 2, 2020

They are so mature and respectful. They have a very healthy view of life in general, they deserve everything honestly

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Happy to see our Got7 babies❤

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