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TXT talks about their EP ‘Minisode 1: BLUE HOUR’ with Apple Music 1's 'The Chart Show with Brooke Reese


Recently, TXT joined Brooke Reese on Apple Music 1 and talked about their new EP 'Minisode 1: BLUE HOUR’. The boy group was interviewed by Apple Music and talked about various topics, including their experiences in the last two years and also about the different aspects of their album.

From the beginning of the interview, the group was asked about their experiences promoting as a group. Brooke Reese asked, "You guys have been together as a group for almost two years now, what has the journey been like so far?" The members of TXT stated that they have focused on putting on their best performance but have much more they have to learn. They stated, "As we debuted I think we were more focused on putting on the best performance that we possibly could and not making any mistakes. But now, as of March, we've been together for two years, as we said, and I think we are more relaxed and more focused on sort of, you know, it’ll be more natural and trying to put on an as good of a show as we can. And I think we're a little bit more experienced, again, a little bit more relaxed."

The next question Brook Reese asked was, "How you would describe the sound of your latest EP 'Minisode 1: BLUE Hour' and how would you compare to your previous releases?" The group revealed they have tried to put in different styles of music in the EP. They wanted to show TXT's unique and refreshing music. TXT stated, "This EP has different styles of music. We wanted to show our fans that we wanted to show our fans the main colors of our group and the BLUE HOUR is TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s unique and refreshing music."

The interviewer wanted to know more about the album title and asked the group, "What does the album title mean?" The boy group replied by explaining that, "minisode is sort of a small episode as the name implies. When we were moving from our Dream Chapter series to our next series, this is where the pause, where an episode in between those series and the title track “Blue Hour”, it represents that sort of the sky at dusk. Right when you're moving from, you know, when the sun is up and then right to sundown, that sort of very unique and mysterious and beautiful color that the sky takes on, as we named our title track, as well as the minisode, after that."

They explained that the "Blue Hour" represents 5:53 PM, which is the time when the sun sets in Seoul in October. They stated, "So 5:53 is when the sun sets in Seoul in the month of October. So as I said, the sky, the color of the skies are this beautiful, but also a mysterious, hard to understand color. So if the song is about the unfamiliar emotions that we feel as well as the familiar emotions when we feel between our relationships, the relationship that we have with our friends. So this sort of alien or unfamiliar feelings, we're a little bit worried about it, but it also reflects our hope that we're all on the same page. We all feel the same way and share the same kinds of emotions."

On this day TXT was able to sit down and give a detailed explanation about the meaning behind their album and share with fans the emotions they tried to capture with the album. You can listen to the whole interview on Apple Music 1's The Chart Show With Brooke Reese through the link here.

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