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The late comedian Park Ji Sun's past interview about her skin condition + why she never wore makeup comes to light


With Korea's entire entertainment industry still in shock from the tragic news of the late comedian Park Ji Sun's passing, a past interview she participated in where she discussed her skin condition has come into light. 

Back on November 2, Park Ji Sun and her mother were found deceased in Park Ji Sun's home by police. According to media outlet reports, a memo left by Park Ji Sun's mother made mentions of Park Ji Sun's skin condition. 

Various fellow comedians have also revealed that the late Park Ji Sun was recently taking a break because she was "sick", and that she had expressed her intentions to recover from her illness over the winter. 

In her past interview, the late Park Ji Sun was asked about a comment she made in 2010 about causing viewers discomfort due to her "bare face" after winning a year-end award. She explained, "I appear on TV with my bare face because of a skin condition. When I was a second year in high school, I went to the hospital because of my skin condition and they said it was acne. So I ended up getting multiple dermabrasion procedures, and from those procedures my skin just ended up raw. When I think back, I think it was a misdiagnosis. My skin would hurt and sting, it would become swollen and blister emit pus, so badly that I considered taking a year off. But the school told me that taking a year off would be detrimental for my career, and so I would just go to school for attendance in the morning briefly, then leave early every day for 6 months. I would itch until I bled in my sleep, so I had to tie my hands with shoelaces when I slept. After that time, I haven't been able to put even skin lotion on my face." 

Furthermore, Park Ji Sun revealed that in college, her skin condition redeveloped after she tried to use skin products, and attempted other skin rejuvenation procedures. However, the procedures only worsened her unidentified skin condition until it spread to more than just her face, resulting in her taking a year off from college. "I don't quite remember that gap year. I wasn't in a good place. I probably just watched TV or wrote letters to my friends. I couldn't go outside because I would freak people out with my face," she said, and also shared her parents' reaction when she decided to audition as a comedian after recovering from her illness. "The reason that my parents didn't oppose me giving up on school to become a comedian was probably because they were happy that I wanted to appear on TV, when in the past I couldn't even go outside." 

On how she dealt with her past skin condition traumas, she shared, "I never told any of my friends why I took gap years... that it was because of some unidentified skin condition. I also allergic reactions to sunlight, but I just hid it by caring a sun umbrella. I purposely wore ragged workout sweats with a lacey, frilly umbrella to make my friends laugh."

Many netizens sympathized and empathized with Park Ji Sun's past interview, also sharing their own experiences with traumatic past skin problems and expressing their sorrows toward the late comedian's unfortunate passing. 

According to some media outlet reports, the late Park Ji Sun is said to have undergone a minor surgery back on October 23. Sources say that she wished to wrap up the surgery successfully and use November to focus on recovering her health. 

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MunchieMinx1,219 pts Tuesday, November 3, 2020 0
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

I wonder if she had hidradenitis suppurativa. It is often mistaken for acne by inexperienced dermatologists and/or doctors even cause it is so misdiagnosed and rare. Its a MISERABLE disease though truly, and incurable.



favforsue305 pts Tuesday, November 3, 2020 4
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

It almost sounds like psoriasis. Microdermabrasion can actually make it worse. But of course, I'm just guessing. Whatever it was, I just wish she had found a doctor or treatment that could have helped her, instead of suffering so much and making this irreversible decision. I also wish she could have been more open about her condition without having people judge her. Singer Lee Ann Rimes just released naked pictures of herself with psoriasis all over her body, discussing how it feels to live with this condition. But if Park Ji Sun had done something similar, she would have gotten both support and hate, and it is the hate that makes you feel like dying inside.


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