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Netizens talk about why NiziU has no fans in Korea


Recently, Korean netizens have been discussing on an online community the lack of NiziU fans in Korea.

One netizen posted various captures from a Japanese current event broadcast, which talked about Korean-Japanese relations. The show invited a Korean panelist who is also a host of a Korean current event broadcast to speak as a special guest. During the show's discussion, the Japanese host suddenly asked the Korean panelist, "Are there no NiziU fans in Korea?" The Korean panelist replied, "NiziU? I don't know them...I'm sorry..."

The Korean panelist awkwardly laughed and apologized because she honestly did not know about NiziU.  However, the Japanese hosts became silent in that awkward situation.

Since the incident, many Korean netizens have been commenting on the matter as they discuss the lack of NiziU fans in Korea and the reasons behind it.

Netizens' Commented:

"LOL, why would they ask about that? I bet you they would get so arrogant if the Korean panelist said she knew who they are."

"J.Y. Park made the group. Why are they becoming so proud of the group being popular?"

"They probably were going to boast of NiziU being the popular K-pop group if the panelist said she knew them. lol."

"I only heard of the name, but I don't know who they are."

"I know NiziU because of this online community. lol."

"There are so many better idol groups in Korea; there is no room for NiziU. lol."

"Look at the Japanese hosts' facial expressions. lol."

"Sorry Japan, NiziU may be popular there, but not many Koreans know who they are."

"Why would there be NiziU fans in Korea? All the Kpop groups are here."

"The panelist's facial expression is so funny."

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PeterS-527 pts Monday, November 9, 2020 0
Monday, November 9, 2020

Considering many korean people in general don't know 80% of the kpop groups that are not mainstream, why would they know about NiziU who is tailored made for the Japanese audience? Who are ALL japanese but singing jpop.

I mean its bullshit to me that they are even calling that group a "kpop" group?! Exactly why are they kpop when none of the members are korean nor sing at all in korean/english at all?



quark12395Allkill VIP21,104 pts Monday, November 9, 2020 4
Monday, November 9, 2020

Because the show aired in Japan and they've never promoted in Korea would be reasons 1 and 2 imo.


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