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Netizens are angry at how Vogue Italia stereotypes Korean Women


Netizens are angry at Vogue Italia for spreading negative stereotypes of Korean Women. 

The issue arose after Vogue Italia published an article about K-Beauty on November 8th. In the article, Vogue Italia depicts Korea as a "peculiar country", "where the obsession with the appearance and the relentless pursuit of aesthetic perfection (regulated by rigid stereotypes) does not seem to suffer any setbacks". 

The anecdote illustrating Korean women always had to get up before their husbands so that women won't reveal their bare faces to their men, along with a picture of an Asian woman right after the plastic surgery, added fuel to the fire. 

Netizens expressed their anger in the comment section of the below Instagram post, saying:

"Wait, when was the last time I put on my makeup after I got married"

"What is this bull c*ap"

"How do I file a complaint?"

"Did they just write this article after watching a bunch of Korean dramas"

"I just lost my nationality..."


What do you think?

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Nana19982,237 pts Saturday, November 14, 2020 8
Saturday, November 14, 2020

But it's not totally false u know.

When you see that an woman idol even for the boy, have to be skinny and have light skin, sharp nose etc. Knetizen are the first to mock an idol if he/she don't meet the korean standard beauty. Remember when Hwasa was mocked and critized bcz she hasnt light skin. She's not that skinny and bcz her hair wasn't that long for a girl who debuted no long time ago. I'm happy to see that the mind are changing.

But I agree. Not all the korean are like this but it's a society dominated by the look.


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sassypants123183 pts Saturday, November 14, 2020 8
Saturday, November 14, 2020

Dont a large majority of companies in SK require a photo submission along with your job application and resumé? Like, that literally means you have to make yourself look good because you can be denied work for being ugly.


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