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Former FNC trainee Jo Ah Young states she was disqualified from the debut group last minute due to weight gain from stress eating


A former FNC Entertainment trainee Jo Ah Young appeared in the first episode of the new Mnet audition program 'CAP-TEEN'.

In the episode that aired for the first time on November 19, the former trainee revealed that she was disqualified from the debut group because of weight gain. Jo Ah Young stated, "I was able to become part of the debut group four months after entering the company. But then I was disqualified when I gained weight from stress eating."  She revealed she was not able to go outside or even meet people afterward.

Her parents also went through difficulties as they had to watch their daughter go through a hard time. Jo Ah Young's mother asked the judges how they manage stress. She asked, "I'm very curious how you manage your mental health." to which Shownu replied, "I think about my parents, and all those close to me. I think about my members too."

During the interview, the former trainee stated that she began to hate herself after gaining weight. She stated, "I started to loath myself. I thought 'What's wrong with me? Is this all I am?' I started to become more conscious of what people thought about me." 

However, Jo Ah Young stated her parents helped her through the difficult times as her mother supported her the most and complimented her many times. She stated, "I probably wouldn't be able to continue with my everyday life if I didn't have my mom. She cheered me on the most and her compliment became my energy to keep going."

Jo Ah Young's mother stated that it hurt her heart even though she was supportive of her daughter. She shed tears saying, "My heart hurt a lot. It's different from seeing from the videos. I realize how difficult it is. But I'm thankful she's doing well."

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

People will hypocritically diss FNC for this issue. However, I should remind you that trainees already know what they signed up for. Further, not everyone can become an idol because if it did KPop would be so mediocre. If a standard is set and agreed upon then it should be followed. NO matter how conscientious we are, the fact exist that they have full knowledge of what's expected of them... Becoming an idol or a celebrity is living to the reality that external locus of control is expected. Having anxiety, stress, doubts, and pressure will mostly be your impediment. If you succumb to those things or force through it you'll eventually end up distressing yourself and everyone around you.


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