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Are BLACKPINK the most robbed artist in this year's Award Shows?


The 2020 APAN Music Awards revealed the list of the top 10 singers who excelled this year based on fan votes, album sales, digital music scores and screening by judges.

Blinks were furious after BLACKPINK did not make it to the list, despite shining this year on several aspects with their successful album, high digital music sales and various recognitions from critics globally.

They took it to Twitter trends with the hashtags #ApanRobbedBLACKPINK and #APAN_AWARDS_RIGGED and criticized the list.

BLACKPINK's "THE ALBUM" sold 689,000 copies in the first week which is almost twice the previous record, easily beating the digital numbers of other girl groups like TWICE and IZ*ONE.

Blinks were also upset about the results of the 2020 Asia Artist Awards after BLACKPINK got robbed once again. They trended "BLACKPINK DESERVES BETTER" highlighting the hypocritical attitude of the Korean shows in general.

Even K-netz discussed about the unfairness in the online communities.

Are BLACKPINK getting snubbed constantly despite topping the digital charts?

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tagnol8219 pts Sunday, November 29, 2020 15
Sunday, November 29, 2020

I highly doubt the awards show wants to blacklist Blackpink. award shows not a charity, its a PR business, they expect winners to attend and hyping the shows, thereby promoting the company behind the organizers. The organizers like AAA or APAN don't own a charting platform so they have to relies on their own judges and rules, maybe attendance is the most crucial point like some tv music shows. so I think the problem is with YG or BP team, maybe they want to push Treasure more, didn't want bp overshadowing, or BP team makes ridiculous demands to attend the organizers cant fulfill. BP might be the best GG right now, but they won't get the award if they don't play by the organizer's rules.


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gypsy_jaeger4,048 pts Sunday, November 29, 2020 14
Sunday, November 29, 2020

To be fair, Blackpink indeed performed their best on the charts this year. I think it just shows that some award shows really value the presence of their awardees. I don't understand why YGE isn't making Blackpink attend award shows. If Treasure can go then why not Blackpink? I'm so genuinely curious. Blinks shouldn't go on hating NCT for winning ALOTY either. Those guys have 23 members and they ALL showed up! Like seriously, how hard is it for Blackpink to show up on these award shows? I'm not even an NCTzen but it's annoying how Blinks are dragging other groups for winning when Blackpink is a no-show. And please don't say that BTS shouldn't have gotten that SOTY then since they also didn't attend, let's not pretend BTS isn't the top of the pyramid right now, you can't not give a Grammy-nominated song the SOTY.


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