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Posted by ishani-sarkar Thursday, November 5, 2020

6 idols that host the most entertaining live-streams ever


Fans are always eagerly waiting for their favorite idols to go live as it is one of the most potent ways that fans can interact with them. The platforms used for going live include Youtube, Instagram, and V Live. While live streams of entire groups are as chaotic as they are entertaining, individual idols themselves add their personal flavor to the same amount of entertainment quotient when they go live alone. While some are wholesome with fans, others behave almost like friends with them, not worrying about maintaining or keeping up their image. Here are 6 K-Pop idols that have live-streams so entertaining that they deserve their own show!

Chan’s Room

STRAY KIDS’ leader Bang Chan calls his V-Live episodes ‘Chan’s Room’ where he speaks about anything and everything under the sky. Chan has an innate ability to make anyone comfortable just with his words. It is extremely reassuring to hear him talk, especially when the global situation outside is not the best. Chan’s Room serves as a refuge and a safe place and he makes sure it feels that way for everyone who joins his V-Live. It is almost therapeutic how calmly and happily he interacts with his fans and makes a one-way live stream feel like a conversation. If you’re having a bad day, tune in to Chan’s Room, and you’re guaranteed to leave feeling lighter than ever.

BTS Jungkook

Jungkook is the maknae of the group, but no matter how old he is, he is also the maknae of the entire fandom. ARMY’s treat him with the utmost love and affection and Jungkook gives back by hosting the most candid and cute live streams ever. From practicing his guitar to bragging about his English and even getting slightly wine drunk while gossiping with millions of people, telling them to keep his secret, Jungkook’s V-Live has it all. The connection BTS shares with ARMY becomes evident when you see just how comfortable he is with them. Grab some snacks and get ready to spill some tea whenever the golden maknae goes live!


There are no rules, limits, and boundaries for WOODZ, neither in his music nor his live-streams. From happy little accidents such as falling right off the chair while eating chicken to leaking his unreleased new music himself, WOODZ makes sure everyone knows who’s boss. Seung Youn (WOODZ' real name)  spoils his own big news as if he’s sharing a secret with his closest friend and it would be terrible not to. He goes live on both V-Live and Instagram, but while the former is usually more organized, the latter often goes off the rails, making it just that much more interesting to watch.

SHINee Key

If there’s anything fans missed more than Key himself, it was his live-streams on Instagram. Key is iconic for his IG live sessions, especially for how he behaves with fans. Just as if they were his friends, Key does not hesitate to call them out whenever need be, and neither does he apologize for it. It’s all in jest, however, and that’s exactly what fans love about him. Right after being discharged from the military, he gifted fans with an IG live, and it was everything they could have ever wished for. From bringing on Red Velvet’s Yeri on live to point out that a fan who said she loved him obviously was into NCT Jaehyun, as could be seen from her IG handle, Key did not hold back. Even though the mood was playful throughout, fans could not help but get emotional at being able to see him after so many months.


BM is one of the most talented idols in the industry, but it may well be argued that he reached new heights of popularity owing to his live-streams. BM has gone viral multiple times for his live shows, not only in the K-Pop community but also outside of it. Many people who weren’t even fans of K-Pop transitioned into being fans after discovering that BM was actually a K-Pop idol. This is a testament to the fact that his live shows, rife with wit, humor, and of course, unfiltered honesty, have a fandom of their own. It’s always magical when companies don’t try to restrict their artists and their freedom of expression because only then do we get gems like these.

(G)I-DLE Shuhua

Shuhua is one of the most authentic idols who does not hesitate to speak her mind despite the fact that girl groups are often given more limitations when it comes to live shows. Be it clapping back against hate comments or warmly embracing new fans who might not know her very well yet, Shuhua is a warm hug personified. She stands up for herself when she needs to, which inspires young fans to do the same. A supportive unnie when needed and a whiny and playful friend at other times, Shuhua’s live shows are a must-watch!

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taeswife06139,560 pts Thursday, November 5, 2020 0
Thursday, November 5, 2020

"even getting slightly wine drunk while gossiping with millions of people, telling them to keep his secret, Jungkook’s V-Live has it all. "

literally the most iconic live ever:



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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Key is so iconic



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