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The 'Coffee Prince' cast members remember the late Lee Eon as they revisit memories of their past


Last week, the first episode of the 'Coffee Prince' documentary 'Youth Documentary - Twenty Once Again' aired as the cast members revisit their youth in the popular drama from 2007.

This week the cast members continue down their travel back in time as they reminisce more about their happy moments in the drama.

The second episode which aired on October 1, continued to cover the synopsis of the story of the drama 'Coffee Prince' as the documentary covered the other love story in the plot. It also covered the amazing supporting roles which made the drama shine that much more.

On this day, actors Kim Dong Wook and Kim Jae Wook reunited to revisit their youth. When the two actors met, Kim Jae Wook greeted Kim Dong Wook by saying, "Let's check how much we aged in thirteen years."

With this, the documentary began looking back in time to show the trio of 'Coffee Prince'.

In the interview, Gong Yoo stated, "We were all excited. We were all curious about what the next script would reveal about the three. Also, they were all freely expressing and embraced in their characters." Gong Yoo complimented the actors saying, "They really worked hard and received the same amount of love as the protagonists."

In this episode, the writer revealed that she cast Kim Dong Wook because she had seen him in an independent film and kept an eye on him. She revealed that his acting improved when he came for the audition and acted very well. She also stated that he was never shy about asking questions.

Kim Dong Wook stated that the drama 'Coffee Prince' brought him where he is now and thanked the drama when he won his first grand prize for acting after twelve years (Daesang at the '2019 MBC Drama Awards').

The writer also revealed that Kim Jae Wook's character didn't speak Japanese at first but she changed the character to speak Japanese. Conveniently, actor Kim Jae Wook knew how to speak Japanese, and the writer thought he was the perfect match.

The cast members also commemorated and reminisced back on the third member of the 'Coffee Prince' trio - the late Lee Eon, who played the role of Hwang Min Hyeop. Lee Eon tragically passed away from a motorcycle accident in 2008.

Kim Jae Wook stated, "I never thought I would revisit this unfamiliar feeling. But it was strange when I saw Lee Eon appear on the screen before...The Lee Eon that I knew...Hwang Min Hyeop, Park Sang Min (Lee Eon's real name). That was when he was 26? 27? It was strange to see him again." 

Kim Jae Wook revealed that Lee Eon was the strictest senior because they were both from the modeling industry. However, the cast members stated he took good care of them.

Gong Yoo stated, "What is really unfortunate is that he could have done so much more after but he wasn't able to. That's what's unfortunate."

Gong Yoo continued to state, "Jae Wook and I cried like crazy in front of his coffin. We didn't talk about him for a while. Because it just hurt so much. My heart always hurts when I think about Sang Min."

Actor Kim Dong Wook stated that he thought it was a joke when Kim Jae Wook called him to tell him of Lee Eon's passing. However, he realized it wasn't a joke when Lee Eon didn't yell across the phone line telling him it's a joke.

Kim Jae Wook stated, "He was a Hyung (older brother) who wanted to do so many things...Whatever the results may be, he courageously attempted everything he wanted to do." 

On this day, the cast members all looked back and commemorated the late Lee Eon as they missed him dearly.

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

this hit me really hard when I found out he died,especially because his character was so cheerful and full of life

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melodyt4ra445 pts Thursday, October 1, 2020 0
Thursday, October 1, 2020

this was one of my first fave kdramas.

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