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Seventeen's S.Coups says he is seriously thinking of changing his stage name


It seems that S.Coups is seriously considering changing his stage name.

During Seventeen's recent Twitter Blueroom Live Q&A, leader S.Coups relayed the moments in which his name was either shortened or misspelled ever since his debut. He said, "Because everyone just calls me as 'Coups hyung, Coups hyung,' I'm thinking of changing my name officially."

Right as he said that, another member interjected, "But, if you actually do change it, I think we would feel so sad". On the other hand, that statement was quickly rebutted by other members who claimed, "No, it's up to him to make his own decision"; "Hyung, do whatever you please."

Meanwhile, while everyone agreed that they liked calling him "Coups", Seungkwan added that, if it were him, he would still feel a bit sad "to go from Seungkwan to Boo Seungkwan, for example."

However, Woozi responded, "No, that's different, because you've always been simply Seungkwan, and not everybody calls you 'Boo Seungkwan'."

Soon, all the members continued to encourage S.Coups to make the decision. S.Coups followed up, saying: "Yes...I'm been worrying about this a lot."

S.Coups continued, "I like it when people shorten it or call me by funny names, but when they get my stage name wrong in official settings, it feels like my 5-6 years worth of hard work has gone to waste." 

He concluded the question by stating again that he will consider it a bit more, and the members reassured him that they would be okay with whatever decision he should make.

On an online community forum, a fan also claimed that S.Coups does really enjoy his many names surfacing online as a joke, but the issue came from official situations such as articles or press conferences. It has been noted that his name was misspelled even in a recent photoshoot, even though it has been six years since S.Coups has been promoting publicly under the same name.

What do you think of S.Coups changing his stage name to 'Coups'?

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quark12395Allkill VIP20,201 pts Sunday, October 18, 2020 1
Sunday, October 18, 2020

I mean he's got a point in that most people call him Coups and most Carats call him by his name (I usually use Coups or Cheol myself). It's his call and either way he's still the same person. It is really shitty that despite being as successful as they are that his name is wrong in professional settings.


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Bangtans_Wifeu13 pts Sunday, October 18, 2020 0
Sunday, October 18, 2020

i think its fine. I normally do just say cheol or coups. I know that like the rest of us, the nicknames are funny, but I know that when people start to seriously confuse his name on offical articles, it does feel like they're disrespecting all of the hard work he has put into his job. He started to train around 2011 and debuted in 2015. He has worked very hard to be here, so I get that it feels like he is being insulted just because people can't get his name right. I honestly don't mind whatever his name could be because its his name and either way, he's still the same amazing leader that I care about.



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