Posted by haydn-an Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Rapper Leellamarz apologizes for wearing a Pornhub T-Shirt


Rapper Leellamarz was recently criticized after he posted a photo proudly wearing a Pornhub T-Shirt and putting up both middle fingers to the camera.

The rapper posted a photo of himself posing wearing the controversial T-Shirt with the caption "This is Pornhub M*******ker #advertisement."

Many netizens expressed their discomfort about the photo, but the rapper continued in a heated discussion, arguing against the netizens who criticized him. He stated, "I'm the one watching porn, and I'm the one who decided to wear the T-Shirt. Why is that wrong?"

However, the rapper ended up deleting his post and apologizing to the netizens saying, "I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable."

The next day, rapper Owen commented on Leellamarz Instagram, saying, "This is the era of Citizen dictatorship. 90 percent of the commentators don't listen to your music so ignore them. Pornhub is a legitimate website that has been approved by respective governments in the UK and the US."


Then he continued to sarcastically say, "I guess everyone who comments on here are people who are clean and have never done anything wrong before. It's funny how everyone doesn't have the guts to say things to people's faces but have the courage to say anything on the internet that assures anonymity."

Rapper Futuristic Swaver took a capture of Owen's comment and shared it on his Instagram story. Futuristic Swaver added, "These Korean internet users have zero empathy nor even the head to think about their own life. They are so quick to jump at the chance to slander someone. That's why shows like 'Fake Men' are popular, and topics about someone apologizing become the next hot thing."

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BakaKaori711 pts Wednesday, October 7, 2020 5
Wednesday, October 7, 2020

I don't think there's anything wrong Pornhub, but it is weird to promote it in a country where it's illegal. Like I don't get Korea's laws. It's illegal to watch porn, but people can openly admit to it and face zero consequences. So what's the point of the law?


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crystalwildfire4,039 pts Wednesday, October 7, 2020 0
Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Dang...i think he should be able to do whatever.. its like they never heard rap songs before. And you should thank him for giving you fair warning 😆 .. i will say the one commenter should rephrase it.. the site isn't government "approved" It's just the site is legal (or not been reported /found guilty of violating the law.)



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