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Netizens see Irene's past actions in a new light as more stories surface about her alleged rudeness


In light of the recent scandal over Red Velvet member Irene's actions, there have been more and more netizens who revisited Irene's past actions.

Beginning with the stylist and editors who have worked with Irene, more witnesses have stepped forward to expose the idol group member for her rude actions.

Previously, there were moments in which Irene was seen as careless about her work and was criticized for her attitude. Irene was criticized when she had filled out a survey on the show 'Weekly Idol'. While the other members answered the survey with their best ability, Irene left most of the spaces blank and wrote the same answers for most of the questions.

In the question asking "I am _______to Seulgi" and "Seulgi is ________ to me," Irene wrote the answers "Older sister" and "Younger sister," respectively. She wrote the same answer for all the questions in the same form except about different members.

When this was revealed, many fans were disappointed with her half-hearted and careless attitude. During that time, SM Entertainment explained Irene wasn't feeling too well during the episode's filming.

Since then, there were instances in which Irene would show her stern and stiff facial expressions when things weren't in a way that pleased her. However, her facial expressions were passed off and used as humor.

Now, netizens and fans were revisiting Irene's actions at fan-sign events. One netizen revealed in an online community one incident that occurred in which Irene rudely spoke to her manager. The netizen left a comment revealing the few seconds of Irene's true reaction.

The short gifs were Irene's reaction when her manager ran behind her at a fan-sign event.

The female manager is seen walking quickly behind Irene. Then Irene makes a facial expression to signal that she is annoyed and looks to see who it is.

Then, Irene yells out, "Unnie, you keep thumping when you run! thump thump!" saying that the manager is shaking the stage. As seen in the clip, Irene makes a facial expression that seemed very bothered by her manager's movement.

The manager comes near to Irene and thumps even more as a joke. When this clip was revealed, some netizens pointed out that Irene seems very sensitive.

Many netizens criticized Irene saying, "How can she say that to her manager so directly?", "Her facial expression for the few seconds says it all" "Does Irene expect her manager not to run during the fan-sign event" "To my knowledge, I know the fan-sign stages aren't built too sturdy, so it would shake even if you move a little bit" and "I get that she's close with the manager, but that's so rude to say." 

Still, some fans just stated that Irene was sensitive and was close enough to the manager to joke with her like that.

In another fan-meeting event, the Red Velvet members are seen caught off guard when Irene decided to take the middle seat all of a sudden. It seemed that the group had decided on the seat arrangement before going up on stage. However, Irene went straight for the middle seat in which members Joy and Yeri exchanged glances and laughed.

The two members didn't know what to do. Luckily, Wendy decided to take the end seat, and the girls were able to start the fan-meeting without any mishaps.

However, many fans were able to see the awkward moment in which the members didn't know what to do after Irene decided to take the middle seat. Some netizens pointed out how the two members couldn't tell Irene to take the seat she was designated to take and seemed to tiptoe around her.

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etherealaurora180 pts Thursday, October 22, 2020 9
Thursday, October 22, 2020

Here we go again, after something is confirmed people always go back in the past and take things out of context to try to "prove" something that has already been proven. These instances mean nothing, focus more on what actually does. Quit taking past public instances out of context, what was proven was something done in private, so she wouldn't let her guard down in public.


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cabbagejuice3,348 pts Thursday, October 22, 2020 30
Thursday, October 22, 2020

can yall stop milking this shit?? all youre doing is kicking someone while theyre down. none of this proves she has a bad attitude. you can see in the gifs she was just joking with her manager and had a nice facial expression after. she couldve forgotten about the seating arrangement and shes always in the center bc thats her POSITION in the group, so thats probably where she assumed she had to sit. not filling out a profile is a bit annoying for staff i get it, but it takes me 2 minutes to look up an idol's info on Kpop profiles and find 20 different things on them. this is no proof at all, please only make articles that are credible bc this is the same shit that happened with sulli/hara and so many others... akp circulates baseless rumors (these, not the stylist thing) like theyre the truth so ppl believe everything and hop on the hate train


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