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Netizens attack the sister of a Famous Korean YouTuber after a recent controversy


The sister of famous Korean YouTuber Yang Pang recently left a message for netizens about the recent controversy she has been involved in.

Yang Pang is a Korean YouTuber and an Afreeca TV streamer who received much love for her spunk in her videos and streams. Recently, Yang Pang fell out of popularity with Korean netizens over the PPL (Product placement) controversy in which she lied to her viewers about the paid advertisement. 

After Yang Pang shut down her channel, many Korean netizens have been suspicious that Yang Pang's sister, Geum Ji, was also involved in staging these paid advertisements and being paid a portion.

Geum Ji has been denying the claims and has stated that she has not been paid and was not involved in staging her sister's videos. On October 19th, Geum Ji posted on her Instagram, saying, "I will change my Instagram page to private and will delete all malicious comments attacking me and will delete all comments that are not true. I will also report those accounts who attack me through malicious comments."

She continued to state, "I have posted explanations three times about the controversy I was involved in, but now there are some people who are directing their malicious comments at my fans who are supporting me. People are leaving comments saying, 'You believe her? Idiots, you pigs'."

Geum Ji stated, "It hurt me deeply that the people who left supportive comments are now receiving malicious comments. I thought that the malicious comments saying that I'm disgusting were something I had to overcome, but those malicious comments linger in my head."

She concluded with, "I thank all the people who support me and cheer me on even though they might have been disappointed in my actions. I will live a diligent life and improve myself. Thank you."

The whole incident started when many YouTubers were involved in a controversy over paid advertisements. At the center of the controversy was YouTuber Yang Pang. She was involved in countless controversies and was heavily criticized for her careless actions and words.

Many Korean netizens suspected that many of her YouTube videos were staged, such as the puppy rescue video she uploaded on YouTube. Many suspected that she had staged this rescue as there were many questionable factors in the video.

However, the controversy over her staged videos blew up when she staged the paid advertisement of Puma products. Yang Pang streamed a live video of an outing with her family members when they decided to visit a Puma store. There, an employee of the Puma store stated that she was a fan of Yang Pang. The Puma employee then calls the Puma company to ask if she can give Yang Pang discounts. The company replies that the employee is permitted to give any and all Puma items that Yang Pang and her family want.

This video was made to seem like Yang Pang was able to get a paid advertisement just from visiting the store. However, it was later revealed that this was a staged video.

Yang Pang claimed that certain videos were not paid advertisements when they actually were. For each instance, netizens criticized her for lying, and Yang Pang posted an apology video. However, many Korean netizens have been shocked and disgusted by the Puma incident as Yang Pang even spoke on cable television that she was able to get free Puma items "coincidentally" meeting a fan at the store.

Since then, Yang Pang has deleted all her videos on YouTube and posted another apology video.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Aww, too bad her sister was dragged into this :(



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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

how crazy that people are attacking her sister's fans for something she did. idiots



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