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Korean YouTuber and Afreeca TV BJ, Yang Pang, under fire as netizens suspect that she staged her dog rescue video


Recently, Afreeca TV BJ and YouTuber, Yang Pang has been under controversy over paid advertisement videos, where she was paid to review certain products but failed to disclose this information to her viewers.

Now netizens are speculating that a video Yang Pang made in the past was fabricated, faking a dog rescue video.

One netizen reported to Insight News on their bulletin board saying, "A second look at Yang Pang's dog rescue video."

The netizen stated that the video of Yang Pang rescuing a puppy in the subway locker seems suspicious. This video was posted back in July of last year. In the video, Yang Pang discovered that someone had locked a puppy in the public locker in a subway station.

The netizen stated that YouTuber Yang Pang always takes taxis when she travels in many of her videos. However, she stated, "Yang Pang for some weird reason decided to take the subway when she usually takes taxis to travel. Yang Pang didn't even have a metro card and didn't know where to go in the subway."

The netizen also stated that "Numerous people just passed by the locker but Yang Pang was able to know right away that a puppy was in the locker from hearing a whimpering."

Also, the netizen stated that Yang Pang described in the caption that the puppy was discovered after 1 minute it was put in the locker.

Previously, this video was a controversy when it was first uploaded as many netizens through it was staged. However, now that Yang Pang has apologized for uploading paid advertised videos but did not specify it was paid, many netizens are revisiting this issue. Many netizens have commented that YouTuber Yang Pang acts unnaturally as she enters the subway and they did not understand why she decided to take the subway all of a sudden. They state that she was able to locate the dog very quickly as soon as she heard the dog.

Meanwhile, Yang Pang recently uploaded an apology stating that she had marked two videos out of the eight videos she had received payment for paid advertisement. Then she stated she will be deleting those videos.

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woobinjjang88 pts Thursday, August 6, 2020 1
Thursday, August 6, 2020

So you're telling me this girl purposely locked a dog inside a frickin locker for some paid advertisement video? I don't care if the dog was in there for just a minute.. how scared must have it been? As a dog owner, this makes me so mad.


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esmera1da11,450 pts Friday, August 7, 2020 0
Friday, August 7, 2020

Isn't there cameras in the subway station? This should be looked into release the video of the person putting the poor inoccent puppy in the locker and give the puppy Justice.



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