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Netizens are saying they're getting sick and tired of being overloaded with celebrity lives on variety shows


These days, Korean television is filled with shows broadcasting celebrity lives. Starting from life as a single to the life of being married with kids, celebrities' lives are being displayed on most if not all channels on Korean television.

Netizens call this "The repetitive cycle of life" displayed on the television broadcast. Celebrities can show their life on 'I Live Alone' or 'My Little Old Boy' if they're single. They can then show their dating life and process of getting married on 'Taste of Love.' Celebrities who are married can show their marriage life on 'Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny'. Celebrities with children can show their child-rearing on 'The Return of Superman'. Celebrities entire families can show their daily lives on 'Mr. House Husband' and 'Taste of Wife'. Netizens can even watch celebrities clean their house in the new TV show 'Fresh Cleaning'.

It doesn't stop there - Celebrities with problems with their marriage can appear on 'Problematic Couple' and share their concerns with the public. If the problem doesn't work out and the celebrity couple decides to get a divorce, they can show the divorce process on 'We Got Divorced'. Once a celebrity is single again, they can start the whole process again by appearing on 'I Live Alone' or 'My Little Old Boy.'

As the Korean television broadcast becomes saturated with shows showing celebrities' lives, many netizens state they are tired of seeing shows of a similar format.

Currently, many of these shows sell celebrities' private lives, such as the shows listed above. This format of television show began as celebrities began revealing their children. In 2013, 'Dad Where Are We Going?' and 'The Return of Superman' gained much popularity. Starting then, major broadcast companies created similar content showing the children of celebrities such as 'Take Care of My Dad' and 'Oh My Baby.'

Then, television shows began showing other family members on television shows such as 'Big Star's Little Star' where celebrities appeared with their nieces and nephews or 'Jagiya' where celebrities appeared with their mothers-in-law.

Recently, celebrity couples have become the main topic in these television shows as the market becomes saturated with shows showing these couples' private lives. Currently, 12 out of the 5 shows being broadcasted in this format show the couple's personal lives.

In the 'Taste of Wife,' the show highlights the conflict between Han So Won and Jin Hua while 'Don't Be The First One' shows the problems between comedian couples, such as the husband's gambling issues or cheating issues.

The content of the programs has become more provocative and stimulating as the topic becomes focused on problems and issues between the couples. Recently, actor Jo Ji Hwan caused a commotion when he stated he asks his wife to have sex with him for 32 hours on 'Problematic Couple.'

At first, netizens took much interest as they were able to find out the daily lives of celebrities. Many of these shows were able to gain high viewer ratings.

However, netizens are becoming tired of seeing similar content with these provocative stories saturate the channels. This is also because the same celebrity couple appears in multiple of these similar shows. For instance, Lee Hwi Jae and Moon Jung Won showed their lives on 'The Return of Superman' focusing on their lives of childrearing. Then, they appeared once again on 'Taste of Wife' focusing on their marital life.

Producers have stated that this is mostly due to the fact that only a few celebrities like revealing their private life. Therefore, there are celebrity couples that appear on multiple shows of a similar format.

Now, many netizens are stating they are sick and tired of watching these shows and even state that they have thrown away their television.

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kokko777657 pts Wednesday, October 7, 2020 5
Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Just stop watching it, I suggest?


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harisAllkill VIP699 pts Wednesday, October 7, 2020 7
Wednesday, October 7, 2020

My Advice to those netizens: don't watch it

Germany is full of those celebrity tv shows the past 2 months... but it's different in germany. Those people are spitting, attacking and verbally assaulting eachother. Even bullying happened on tv 2 weeks ago


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