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Posted by Mocha89 Wednesday, October 7, 2020

5 times K-Pop was incorporated into Western TV shows


You may not think that 'We Bare Bears' and 'America's Next Top Model' have anything in common, but they surprisingly do: K-Pop stars have appeared on both shows! Monsta X surprised fans in cartoon form in 'We Bare Bears' and BTOB were guest judges on an episode of 'America's Next Top Model.' K-Pop has proven its international appeal time and time again, specifically through Western TV shows.

1. Monsta X on 'We Bare Bears' 

Cartoon Network's popular show, 'We Bare Bears', follows three brother bears who try to navigate the complexities of the human world together. In this particular episode, it's Panda's birthday, and he wants to celebrate the special day by paying tribute to Monsta X. The band happens to be in town for their last U.S. concert, but Panda is discouraged by the fact that the tickets are sold out. His brothers, Ice Bear and Grizzly, cheer him up by tracking down Monsta X and giving Panda the opportunity to meet them. This Monsta X and 'We Bare Bears' collaboration represented an iconic moment where K-Pop successfully integrated into Western media. 

2. BTS' Jungkook's "Euphoria" playing in HBO's 'Euphoria' 

In the season one finale of 'Euphoria,' Kat and Ethan share a kiss at their high school dance. While the sparks are flying between the two characters, Jungkook's song "Euphoria" can be heard playing in the background. This was yet another accomplishment for BTS, considering the large viewership and acclaim associated with HBO's 'Euphoria.' Jungkook's song was the perfect choice for this scene that epitomizes high school romance. 

3. NCT Dream mentioned in 'NCIS: New Orleans'

NCT Dream's mention in Season 5 of 'NCIS: New Orleans' took many fans by surprise. Two detectives are interrogating a teenage girl when one of the detectives randomly asks: "Renjun, Jeno or Chenle? Who's best?" The girl sassily replies, "None of them. It's Mark. Obviously." NCT Dream, unfortunately, did not make a guest appearance, although that would have made for an interesting episode. 

4. BTOB guest starring on 'America's Next Top Model'

BTOB were guest judges in a South Korea-based episode of 'America's Next Top Model.' The contestants received dancing lessons from BTOB and were later told they would be dancing in public during a challenge. Canadian model Winnie Harlow was one of the top three people who performed the best in this challenge since she was able to impress BTOB with her dance moves. 

5. "I Am the Best" by 2NE1 playing on 'The Musicians'

"I Am the Best" by 2NE1 played in Season 2 of 'The Musicians'. A mini disco ball lands in the room with two security officers, and they suddenly enter a trance. The two of them start dancing to "I Am the Best" under the spotlights. It was an unexpected twist to the episode that many fans enjoyed. 

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rowenaster25 pts Wednesday, October 7, 2020 0
Wednesday, October 7, 2020

There's a real obvious one. SHINEE's "Lucifer" featured as background music to an action scene in FOX's series "Lucifer"



haris Allkill VIP 764 pts Wednesday, October 7, 2020 3
Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Family guy had an entire episode about south korea. Sistar, hyuna's bubble pop and some others were shown


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