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Viewers are not happy to see Sam Okyere appear on 'Cash Back'


Viewers are not so happy to see the appearance of Sam Okyere, a Ghanaian TV personality who was embroiled in various controversies recently.

On September 15th KST, Sam Okyere appeared in an episode of tvN's 'Cash Back', which is a program where individuals go through difficult obstacles and achieve a cash prize. Sam Okyere joined the team "Lee Sang Hwa and the Hunters" that Lee Sang Hwa was the captain of. The team members consisted of Mo Tae Bum, Julian Kang, and Sam Okyere.

Compared to the other contestants, Sam Okyere had less air time. It seemed he was edited out in many of the scenes as he didn't even appear in the full shot of the entire team. Many speculate that the production team was aware of the viewers' view of the tv personality due to the recent controversies.

Even if Sam Okyere had appeared just a few times, there were viewers who criticized the show. Some viewers expressed their discomfort in seeing Sam Okyere on the show, while others stated that Sam Okyere had too little air time and wanted to see him more.

These comments have been posted on the official bulletin page of the show and many more netizens have posted their criticisms and expressed they were unsatisfied with seeing a person involved in many controversies.

The controversy began when Sam Okyere called out the students at Uijeongbu High School for using blackface in their parody. Since then, netizens uncovered Sam Okyere's racist actions in the past and called him a hypocrite. The situation grew worse for the TV personality when netizens found that Sam Okyere had replied "Preach" to a comment stating "Cute once you go black you never go back" on a photo of him and actress Park Eun Hye.

Many netizens have felt comfortable to find that Sam Okyere had made a statement that seemed to agree with a sexual statement made towards women.

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RandomMulti146 pts Wednesday, September 16, 2020 1
Wednesday, September 16, 2020

They let people who have done worse back on tv.


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bizarraelegante41 pts Wednesday, September 16, 2020 1
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
A lot of these people are the epitome of living in glass houses and trying to throw stones. I say he leave them to stew in their racism.


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