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U.S.-based music writer Nicholas Liddle reveals he was offered $3K USD to tweet negatively about BTS's 'Dynamite'


Music journalist Nicholas Liddle took to Twitter recently to reveal that he was offered $3,000 USD to tweet negatively about BTS.

On September 26 EST, the writer spoke out about labels and press teams who attempt to pay off social media accounts with large followings to tweet negatively about certain artists and their songs. He recalled a time that he was offered $3,000 USD to speak badly about Nicki Minaj and her 2014 single "Anaconda," stating, "I could never take money to tweet negative about someone's art. THAT'S DISGUSTING." 

In a later tweet, he mentioned that he was offered the same amount to write a negative tweet about BTS and "Dynamite," adding, "Did I do it? No. Because I love that track, love those guys, and like I said, I'm not being paid for opinions that aren't reflective of how I truly feel. Period."

Meanwhile, BTS has been promoting their first all-English track "Dynamite" since August 21.

Check out Nicholas Liddle's tweets below!

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cici99935 pts Sunday, September 27, 2020 2
Sunday, September 27, 2020

He deleted all his tweets and went private after he was exposed for lying as fans asked him for any proof but he didn't provide any and ask bighit to contact his for attention, he is a clout chaser. Even armys are attacking him for lying. Don't believe anything you read people.


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henry-ryder4 pts Sunday, September 27, 2020 1
Sunday, September 27, 2020

Anyone who takes this idiot seriously clearly didn't do their due diligence in learning more information first, and that goes for Allkpop too. So much for journalistic integrity, even in a kpop news feed. ARMY themselves uncovered Liddle's long and sordid history of stirring the pot between ARMY and other fandoms, playing them against each other, praising them one minute, shading them the next, and looking to where he could get the most clout. Typical of yet another member of the Western music industry player trying to leverage off Kpop's fame and popularity, leeching off the attention from their fandom. When asked for evidence of his latest claims, Liddle was unable to produce any. He's turned tail and ran. He has no receipts to speak of, just fabrication and I'm glad to say that a lot of the people in the comments of his claims know a rat when they smell one.


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