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This popular female idol breaks the losing jinx and becomes the first singer to win on 'Hidden Singer' season 6


A new episode of JTBC's 'Hidden Singer' season 6 aired on September 11.

In this episode, the featured singer was able to break the losers jinx. Since season 6 began, no singer has been able to win in the final round. Until now, only the contestants have been able to reap the joys of winning.

'Hidden Singer' is a popular music variety show that airson JTBC. Ordinary contestants who are able to impersonate a singer's voice appear on the show and duel it out with the singer themselves as viewers pick the voice most closest to the featured singer. Season 6 has been a tough one for the featured artists, as there have been an influx of talent within the participation pool and were able to secure the wins in every episode.

However, in this episode, this popular female idol became the first singer to win in season 6, it was none other than MAMAMOO's Hwa Sa.

At the beginning of the show, Hwa Sa revealed she was rather nervous. She stated, "When I first received the request to be on the show, I thought I was asked to be one of the panel guests. I felt really overwhelmed when I heard I was to sing against the contestants. But my CEO told me it's a show that a lot of singers receive strength and support from so I decided to come on."

In response to this, host Jun Hyun Moo joked, "The broadcast station lost 8 million KRW (~ 6,734 USD) until now. JTBC is at a deficit right now. Please win."

The first song was Hwa Sa's duet song with Loco "Don't". Hwa Sa had participated in writing and producing the song so she revealed, "This is a song I had fun producing with Woogie and Loco. I will try my best to sound like myself."

Hwa Sa and the contestants sang the song as the panelists were shocked by how similar everyone's voice was. The first round finished and the person who was disqualified was one of the impersonation contestants.

First Round:

The contestants and Hwa Sa fiercely competed throughout the four rounds until there was only one contestant standing.

Round 2:

Round 3:

Many of the panelists had a hard time picking the real Hwa Sa and were very impressed with the contestants' talents. Aside from sounding like Hwa Sa, all the ordinary contestants had exceptional vocal talent.

Final Round:

In the final round, Hwa Sa and the remaining contestants sang Hwa Sa's solo song "Maria". Hwa Sa revealed that her baptismal name is Maria and she was influenced by the movie 'Malèna' to write this song. She expressed a special affection to the song as she prepared to enter into the final round.

After the contestants and Hwa Sa finished singing, viewers and the panelists all waited in tension as the anticipated the final winner was announced. The last two who remained standing was Hwa Sa and another contestant (Lee Soo Bin) of the same age.

Final Results:

When Jun Hyun Moo announced that the winner for this episode was Hwa Sa, the contestant and the singer hugged and celebrated together. Hwa Sa had received 79 votes out of 100 votes as they picked her to sound the most like Hwa Sa. Hwa Sa proved that her voice is unique and no one would be able to perfectly impersonate her.

Afterwards, Hwa Sa and the contestants performed a special stage of "Maria" together.

Special Stage:

  2. Hwa Sa
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Ohboy6914,816 pts Friday, September 11, 2020 0
Friday, September 11, 2020

That blur tho 😂 you could easily tell it's Hwasa anyway.



mooqueen40 pts Friday, September 11, 2020 0
Friday, September 11, 2020

It was a pretty easy win for her though because none of the other singers sounded like her. Instead of guessing which one was her voice, moomoos switched to looking for Cosmic Girl's voice cause Hwasa's was so obvious 😂



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