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Posted by hannahleex Friday, September 25, 2020

These 10 groups are the fastest to win a music show


With an increased number of extremely talented groups in the K-Pop industry, it has been getting increasingly difficult for artists to achieve a win on a music show. In fact, it often takes groups several years to achieve their first win. Despite this, some K-Pop groups have been able to reach this milestone just shortly after their debut with the help of fans.

Check out the 10 groups who are the fastest to win a music show after their debut.

10/9 [Tie]. BLACKPINK and AB6IX - 13 days 

Even before BLACKPINK’s debut, there was a lot of anticipation from fans. Unsurprisingly, the members won their first music show in just 13 days with “Whistle.” Like BLACKPINK, AB6IX — another power rookie group — had their first win after 13 days with debut song “Breathe.”

8. iKON - 12  days 

iKON entered the K-Pop industry with a strong debut single, “My Type,” which instantly stole the hearts of fans. The group won their first music show just 12 days after releasing a pre-single on ‘Music Core’ — without promotion!

7. IZ*ONE - 10 days

IZ*ONE, the third group produced by the ‘Produce’ series, was able to score their first win with the hit song “La Vie en Rose” just ten days after their debut.

6/5 [Tie]. Wanna One and ITZY - 9 days 

Wanna One, a group produced through ‘Produce 101,’ confirmed their impressive talent and popularity by securing a win nine days after debuting. Girl group ITZY also won their first music show with “DALLA DALLA” nine days after their debut.

4. TXT - 8 days 

BTS’s brother group, TXT, only took eight days to win their first music show. Eight days after their debut on March 3, 2019, the members won ‘The Show’ with the title track “CROWN.”

3. CIX - 7 days 

After performing debut single “Movie Star” on ‘The Show,’ CIX was able to immediately secure their first win — just seven days after debuting!

2. WINNER - 6 days 

WINNER instantly got attention from fans when they made their debut. Within six days, they got a win with on 'M Countdown.'

1. X1 - 5 days 

X1 broke WINNER’s five-year record for the fastest music win. Just five days after their debut on August 27, 2019, they won with “Flash” on September 1.

  1. AB6IX
  3. CIX
  4. iKON
  5. ITZY
  6. IZ*ONE
  7. TXT
  8. Wanna One
  10. X1
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nina97x8,116 pts Friday, September 25, 2020 22
Friday, September 25, 2020

Name the groups who were NOT formed from a survival show:


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llamapie95121 pts Friday, September 25, 2020 4
Friday, September 25, 2020

Not to discredit any of the groups (they all deserve their wins), but i feel like its a lot harder to win on a major broadcasting station like music bank/music core/inkigayo


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