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The netizen who exposed Block B's Park Kyung as a school bully testifies to more shocking things about the artist's past


As many netizens are shocked as Block B member Park Kyung's bullying past was revealed, many are giving Park Kyung the cold shoulder after he posted an apology on his social media.

On September 29th, a netizen exposed Park Kyung as being a school bully. The netizen stated on his personal Instagram, "I am a victim of Block B member Park Kyung's school bullying. Nothing I am writing is false and all of it is true. I am a victim who used to attend Song Moon Junior High School with Park Kyung."

The netizen claimed, "Park Kyung was a school bully who used to have the 'Z' mark on his forehead to show that he was the boss. He used to wait at the back gate with the other bullies and stole money and the belongings of the weaker students."

The netizen also added, "Park Kyung always cursed starting in middle school and even drank and smoked in middle school. We were an all-male junior high but there was a girls' high school near us called Ihwa Girls' Junior High School and he used to boast that he made a female student drink alcohol."

Not only that but the netizen also revealed that Park Kyung "would usually hit disabled students or juniors. He also hit his classmates who were smaller than him or who seemed weak.

The netizen expressed how baffled he was when he saw Park Kyung appear on TV. The netizen stated, "It's really ridiculous how Park Kyung had completely cleaned up his image and appeared on broadcasts as if he is a complete gentleman." The netizen concluded the post saying, "I don't want to get back what was taken away from me. I just truly wish he learned his lesson. I don't know how much Park Kyung would be affected by me writing the post here but I wish he stops pretending he didn't bully if he continues to promote."

Thereafter, there were many malicious comments towards the netizen left by Park Kyung's fans in which the netizen responded with "If Park Kyung denies my claims, there is a piece of huge evidence that I saved so if you want to shield your Oppa then keep your mouths shut before it gets messier."

The netizen also warned Park Kyung, "Don't try to use your head and try to make excuses and just speak plainly. I have nothing to hide."

As the controversy rose, Park Kyung revealed he was a victim and perpetrator of school bullying and apologized.

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Kopano1,103 pts Tuesday, September 29, 2020 1
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

"would usually hit disabled students or juniors. He also hit his classmates who were smaller than him or who seemed weak."

if this is true its absolutely disgusting behavior, being a victim of bullying does not excuse behavior like this


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lolkyeopta338 pts Tuesday, September 29, 2020 6
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

well this is awkward. i bet he thought if he came clean to his past without a company statement to shield him the victim would feel content and refrain, but it looks like this individual feels a lot of anger from the past. and now that park kyung has come forward before the victim continued to expose him, he has basically already admitted that all of it is true. honestly though im not surprised, with some of the comments he's made on camera or on a televised program, he's said some extremely rude and offensive things.


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