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Netizens flock to hear K-Pop professor Seventeen Seungkwan's lecture on K-Pop history


A recent 'V Live' broadcast by Seventeen's Seungkwan is going viral among K-Pop fans!

Earlier this week, Seungkwan greeted fans with a solo 'V Live' titled 'We Remember K-Pop'. 

The broadcast consisted of a trip down the long and winding memory lane of the history of K-Pop! Starting with Wonder Girls, Seungkwan visited a huge list of some of the most-loved past K-Pop hits of all time. Fans also noted that rather than choosing songs which were #1 on the charts at the time, Seungkwan picked out songs most-loved by fans, including: Super Junior's "It's You", KARA's "Wanna", 4minute's "Heart To Heart", SHINee's "JoJo", Nine Muses's "Ticket", and more!

The full list of songs visited during Seungkwan's broadcast can be found below: 

Also during the broadcast, Seungkwan impressed fans by revealing that he was a Wonderful in the past, perfectly recalling the fan chant to Wonder Girls's "Be My Baby" and choosing more Wonder Girls songs to play than any other girl groups. 

Seungkwan getting emotional after screaming that he loves Wonder Girls during "Be My Baby":

As news of Seungkwan's 'We Remember K-Pop' broadcast spread, fans flocked to the live and continued to watch the broadcast even after the initial live, calling the video a "lecture on the history of K-Pop". In addition, songs and artists mentioned by Seungkwan began trending on various major search engines, in addition to Seungkwan's newfound nickname: "Professor Seungkwan"!

Fans have even decided to split the video into "History of K-Pop Lecture 1", "History of K-Pop Lecture 2", etc. 

And it wasn't just Carats tuning in to professor Seungkwan's lecture. Fans from all K-Pop fandoms were seen attending "History of K-Pop", causing laughter as they changed their nicknames to ones like: 'Hello, I'm Fantasy, Professor Seungkwan', 'Renjun I love you, I'm sorry, just for today', 'Seulgi unnie I'm just gonna attend this lecture', 'Chani I'm sorry I'm just gonna watch this one', 'Moonbin, go to sleep', and more. 

Comment by 'The Boyz Hyunjae is mine': "If the user 'Kim Hyojin's wifey' is here I guess Hyojin isn't doing a 'V Live' right now"

What's more is that some students raised some comical voices of complaints(?) after the lecture, as they found his preferential attitude toward Wonder Girls to be unfair:

"What a foul Wonderful, because you played one single SNSD song you play another WG song right away?"

"Honestly if you're a K-Pop follower there's no way you can leave out Girls' Generation TT. But the professor is a Wonderful so it's just funny how little he mentions them here... Srsly."

"Professor I can't help but be suspicious of the fact that you went to go drink some water during the Girls' Generation song."

Here are some fans who left a review of professor Seungkwan's lecture:

"[The History of K-Pop/ Professor Boo Seungkwan] Rating 3.5. There are portions of the lecture where the professor demonstrates his biased viewpoints. He has a very distinct bias and so I do not recommend this to those who may find his bias difficult TT. I am a Sone so it was difficult for me." 

"[The History of K-Pop/ Professor Boo Seungkwan] Rating 5.0. It was a lecture well worth my money. The professor is extremely knowledged in his area of expertise and I liked his way of explaining the knowledge easily for everyone to understand. The exam is hard because there are songs where you have to guess the title after listening to only the first few seconds but if you pay attention to the lecture you won't have a problem." 

If you're interested in listening to professor Seungkwan's "History of K-Pop" lecture, you can find the full broadcast below!

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

That's a very nice list of songs. I should go update my playlist. Thanks Seungkwan.



PopPunkIsNotDead277 pts Friday, September 11, 2020 0
Friday, September 11, 2020

I kinda miss things as BoA, Hyori or MBLAQ, but all of those songs are and, most important, were a bop back then.



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