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Netizens amazed with BLACKPINK's impact as the group reaches over 800,000 album pre-orders for 'The Album'


It was recently reported that the girl group BLACKPINK is predicted to set a groundbreaking record as they release their first full album after debuting four years ago.

According to YG entertainment, BLACKPINK's full album 'The Album' has already received over 800,000 pre-orders. Pre-orders from Korea surpassed 530,000 copies and over 270,000 copies were ordered from America and Europe combined. This number is expected to be much higher as the pre-orders from China will be a lot.

The pre-order started on August 28th and there is still one month left until the release of this full album. Therefore, YG Entertainment is expecting the number of orders to increase.

Many netizens and fans are amazed and ecstatic for the girl group. Many netizens became wide-eyed as a new record for the most sold girl group album was set. The best-selling album of all-time by a K-pop girl group is SES's 'Love' which was released over 23 years ago and sold around 760,000 copies. Many expect BLACKPINK to be the first K-pop girl group to have an album surpassing 1 million sales.

Netizens' Commented:

"I'm so happy BLACKPINK is doing so well."

"This is so shocking, they're breaking the record in 20 years!"

"WOW, I'm going to buy one so that they can reach 1 million copies sold."

"They will definitely sell 1 million copies easy."

"I think they're selling so many because this is their first full album. I'm going to buy one too. lol."

"So crazy! BLACKPINK good job!"
"I would buy the album even if it's not a full album."

"Congrats BLACKPINK on your first full album! can't believe it's the first one in four years!"

"It's finally coming!"

"I'm not part of their fandom but I want to buy one now. I really waited for their full album."

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Friday, September 4, 2020

Guys, can we stop with the fanwars please? This is the reason so many people are leaving K-Pop. Yes its ok to disagree with certain things, but that doesnt give you the freedom to spread negativity. Were humans. We have different opinions and thats ok. Just be mature about it. Its not hard to support others while still cheering on your favs. Anyways, congratulations Blinks from an ARMY! This a huge achievement and you should all be very proud.


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