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Korean movie fans talk about how '#Alive' became the #1 most-watched movie worldwide on Netflix


Recently, many Korean movie fans are talking about the Korean movie that had made to be the number 1 movie worldwide on Netflix.

Many netizens have discussed in an online community how this movie was able to achieve the best results across the global village.

The movie '#Alive' is an action-thriller zombie movie that was released on Netflix in the second week of September. Since its release, it has reached number 1 worldwide on Netflix.

The movie follows a young man through a zombie apocalypse as the incident strikes the protagonist without notice. The protagonist is a gamer who is stuck in his apartment complex in Seoul as the city falls into chaos.

The protagonist is left in solitary confinement in his apartment until he comes across a fellow survivor. Now, the two think of ways of escape the hell hole.

The movie stars actor Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye as the two main protagonists. Although the movie is another zombie movie, it shows a different aspect of the apocalypse as it displays the first world problems that the protagonist face - such as the lack of internet.

Korean movie fans commented:

"WOW, it hit number 1 on Netflix. Awesome."

"I saw this movie in theaters and it was really good."

"It was fun to watch, I did think it would be popular overseas."

"The movie isn't too long so it's worth watching on Netflix."

"I think this movie isn't worth watching it in theaters so it's doing well on Netflix since a lot of people watch it from home."

"I'm glad this movie is doing well on Netflix."

"It was okay for me. I wouldn't have watched it in theaters though. I watched it on Netflix too."

"This is something you can watch as a time-killer. It was short enough to watch from Netflix."

"I don't know why a lot of Korean people criticized the film. Maybe they're getting tired of zombie movies. It was good in my opinion."

"My non-Korean friend told me to watch this movie because it was fun. I guess overseas like zombie movies more."

  1. Park Shin Hye
  2. Yoo Ah In
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armystan71,690 pts Saturday, September 12, 2020 0
Saturday, September 12, 2020

Honestly I think in America people liked it because 1. We havent had a good horror movie in a while and 2. There are some amusing connections to his isolation and us being also stuck at home, we could connect to some of the things he was going through. I already know a ton of memes are being created from this. Love that people are becoming more open to subtitles. I liked it, good at home movie.



HyperQ4998 pts Friday, September 11, 2020 0
Friday, September 11, 2020

Okay, I just watched it on Netflix for myself, and it was kind of a miss. I know this is loosely based off the Webtoon "Dead Days" but not much of the movie really resonated with me compared to the adrenaline I went through reading the Webtoon. Some scenes in the movie were very unnecessary, and I think the movie was just way too slow paced when they were in scenes where they were eating, communicating, etc. What made Dead Days a good Webtoon was that you could always feel that the main characters were in constant danger, and always in a sense of uncertainty and skepticism. I just felt like the writer/director of this movie emphasized the scenes in the wrong parts of the script, such as the main character going on short rabbit hunts for food. I honestly wished there was more backstory to this movie. I kind of disliked the cliche "everything is resolved and the world is saved" ending, as that really made it seem too unrealistic as an end of a movie.

I generally agree with the 6.3 IMDb rating . Maybe I'm a little biased, but as someone who's read the Webtoon "version" of this movie, this was just a bit disappointing and mediocre, but hey, maybe my standards are too high. Maybe some people who hasn't read the Webtoon will find this movie delightful.



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