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Kian84 makes his return on 'I Live Alone' but netizens have mixed feelings


On the September 18 broadcast of MBC variety show 'I Live Alone', Kian84 made an appearance after taking a lengthy break from the screen. He was recently embroiled in a controversy over a misogynistic scene in his webtoon 'Bokhakwang' (King of Returning to School).

In the episode, Kian84 seemed to be slightly downcast as he didn't speak much compared to his usual self on the show. One of the cast members stated that Kian84 looked slimmer than before and when the fellow cast members asked why he was staying so quiet, Kian84 replied that he still has so many shortcomings.

Kian84 continued to confess, "I have so many shortcomings...and I was wondering if I can become perfect before I die."

In response to this former professional golfer, Pak Se Ri comforted Kian84 and stated, "I was told that humans learn until the moment of their death. I'm trying to live a diligent life as I still learn to this day." Park Na Rae also comforted the webtoon artist stating, "No one is perfect."

Kian84 went onto apologize to the viewers and the cast members of 'I Live Alone' as he stated, "I think I made the members of 'I Live Alone' and the viewers to be concerned over me. So I'm sorry. It's nice to be back after a long time."

With Kian84's sincere apology, there were mixed feelings. While some netizens were quite happy to see the webtoon artist reappear on television, there were others who are against his comeback.

Netizens' commented:

"I wish he can be more responsible as a content creator."

"Until when do we need to keep giving him chances. Everything some controversy happens to him, he takes a break but always makes a comeback."

"I mean I don't watch 'I Live Alone' but I don't understand the reason the show keeps allowing to appear."

"This is hilarious, the whole conversation where Park Na Rae says 'no one's perfect' sounds like its scripted."

"Do you need to learn that portraying misogynistic things or prostitution is not right?"

"I don't mind Kian84. I like him. Just seems like everyone's attacking him when he didn't do much wrong."

"I find it funny how Kian84 makes a comeback using the same type of scenario. lol."

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NgohiongPuso1,261 pts Friday, September 18, 2020 0
Friday, September 18, 2020

People that Kian84 has a little problem with social skills and look at them criticizing him for a work that definitely depicts something in real life. The webtoon is not even finished yet and now they're trying to cancel him for his poetic license? He could've easily just changed it after that criticism but now they are still not accepting him. People in South Korea really thinks they are all perfect.



Jeneral_Kanina343 pts Friday, September 18, 2020 0
Friday, September 18, 2020

Moral of the story:-

1. Art s not subjective in Korea, it's subject to Knetizens opinions.

2. Sexism is one sided in Korea, it's bad to portray women as sex object but those male idols/celebs chocolate abs are so delicious!

3. Portraying real life is not okay, but lets criticize female idols/celebs on their looks and don't forget the mandatory "shipping"/set up them to be with other male idols/celebs.

4. Never forget that when you're a female celebs/idols, going to a variety show, you must dance! Ass shaking is a must!



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