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International fan favorite contestant has been eliminated on Mnet's 'I-LAND'


On September 11, another contestant has been sent home on Mnet's 'I-LAND'.

In the last episode, the I-landers said their goodbyes to member Taki and prepared for their third test. Many of the I-landers felt many sad to see their fellow contestants leave but felt they were a step closer to making their debut. Once again, the show revealed the global vote ranking from the second test. Kim Sun Woo came in first place followed by Lee Hee Seung, Jay, Han Bin, Park Sung Hoon, K, Jake, Yang Jung Won, Niki, and Daniel.

This was the first time Yang Jung Won was not able to receive the badge that symbolizes the members who are in the top seven.

After the rankings were revealed, they reallocated the unit members for their third test. The I-landers were given five days to practice their songs. Unit one was given 'Chamber 5' while the second unit was given 'Flame On'.

Finally, the contestants stood in front of the judges to show off their performance they have prepared for five days. Many of the contestants became nervous as the time became closer to the exam.

Each contestant was determined to give their best and enjoy the stage. However, the members couldn't hide the fact that the ranking will change once they complete the exam and receive the assessment from the producers as the lowest rank will be sent home.

The unit groups completed their performances successfully and waited for the scores to be announced. It was revealed that the first place I-lander had received the highest score of 92, which is the highest score since the second round.

The contestant to take the glorious number 1 was member K. The producers complimented his improvement in his facial expression and stated they were proud of him.

The next contestants to survive to the next stage was Niki with a score of 87, followed by Kim Sun Woo with a score of 86, then Lee Seung Hee, Park Sung Hoon, Jay, Jake, and Daniel, leaving two members as the lowest place.

The two members Han Bin and Yang Jung Won waited for the announcement of the final survivor to make the next round. Ultimately, Yang Jung Won's name was called as the ninth member to survive to leave Han Bin disqualified.

Many of the fellow contestants shed tears as they were sad to see another member leave. The contestants had formed strong bonds with each other throughout the show and became harder to say goodbye to each other.

Kim Jung Won seemed to have the hardest time as he had grown very close with Han Bin. Each contestant said their goodbyes and was now one step closer to their dream.

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sushiyong863 pts Friday, September 11, 2020 5
Friday, September 11, 2020

I highly agree with the producers descision, Hanbin's tone didn't fit the group at all. I thought Jungwon ( My pick) would be eliminated but thank the lord he made it .

Generally the picks of the viewers are: (This isn't my list)

1: Heesung

2: Sunghoon

3: K

4: Sunoo

5: Jungwon

6: Jake

7: Jay

Kinda wish the producers will let there an 8th member as I really like Niki,,,,,, It would be a shame for the debuting team to not have someone as hard working as Niki. He's proven time and time again that he has what it takes to debut in this group. Unfortunately, global votes are the only thing that brings him down since he isn't popular in that area.

I really like this show and I hope Big Hit eventually brings in enough female trainees to host a survival show for a girl group.


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Myrafunmilayo12419 pts Saturday, September 12, 2020 0
Saturday, September 12, 2020

Am i the only one that thinks they'll just debut them all in the end...ala stray kids 🤔



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