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Fans ecstatic that TWICE finally filmed their new music video with another production company besides NAIVE


Recently, TWICE fans have been celebrating as news that the girl group filmed their new music video with another production company became public. 

TWICE has been at full throttle in preparations for their comeback in October. According to an official, it was confirmed that TWICE had just completed filming their new music video. 

The girl group is making a comeback in four months since the release of "More & More". Many are excited to see what new charms TWICE will bring to the table. Also, many fans are more ecstatic to hear that the girl group filmed their music video with another production company other than the usual NAIVE Production

Previously, fans complained about the work of NAIVE Production as they requested a better treatment and better work quality of the girls' albums and music videos.

Finally, the fans have gotten their wish and are now excited for TWICE's comeback more than ever.

Netizens' Commented:

"Wow, TWICE finally escapes from them."


"Congrats for not working with NAIVE."

"Good good."

"So happy TWICE is not working with NAIVE anymore."

"They weren't that bad at first but the production quality became worse and worse so the fans wanted TWICE to try a new production company."

"Yeah, the fans had protested against them for a while. Sent the protesting truck to the company. lol."

"Fans got madder when the production team plagiarized."

"Man, finally TWICE leaves behind NAIVE."

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meera-sahir853 pts 25 days ago 0
25 days ago

This is really good news.

After all the mess Naive had made for JYP and Twice in recent times even after partnering with them over the years for 10+ M/Vs, they seemed quite incautious.

It's nice to hear JYP took immediate action for this.



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25 days ago

Twice deserved to have better MV production a LONG TIME AGO, especially when they're making so much money for the company and working their butts off in both Korea and Japan.



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