Posted by haydn-an Thursday, August 27, 2020

#SuperMDisbandParty trends worldwide on Twitter as upset EXO fans are concerned over Baekhyun's health


EXO fans have taken to social media to express their concerns over Baekhyun's health.

Many fans were worried as the artist looked extremely fatigued recently. Baekhyun was recently seen through Instagram Live as the group SuperM took the time to communicate with their fans.

SuperM is currently in the middle of promoting their album 'Super One' and have gathered to prepare for their second lead single "Tiger Inside". On August 27th KST, the group turned on their Instagram Live to greet their fans and revealed they have currently gathered to practice for the new song.

However, many fans became concerned about all the members' health as they all looked very tired. One of the members even said "Why am I so sleepy today?" during the live session.

As they started the video, one member brought the camera over to Baekhyun who was laying on the sofa. Baekhyun looked very fatigued that he seemed like he couldn't even open his eyes. When the camera closed in on him, he mumbled "I'm so sleepy."

Throughout the live video, Baekhyun seemed very sleepy and energyless although he tried his best to show his energetic side.

After seeing this live broadcast, the excited fans became concerned and angered as they believed their beloved artist could not get any rest.

These fans, particularly EXO fans, took to social media as they expressed their anger and tweeted #SuperMDisbandParty.

Although many fans have been asking the group to disband, there have been some fans who believe they should still support the group for their hard work and asked other fans to do the same. 

Overall, the entire SuperM members seemed tired as they prepared diligently for their promotion for their fans. Many fans still hope the group will be able to get the rest they well deserve at the end of the promotion for their coming album 'Super One'.

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ratmonster5,048 pts Thursday, August 27, 2020 9
Thursday, August 27, 2020

I feel really bad for them... I really do. But people have to understand that SuperM isn’t disbanding... trending hashtags like is going to be really disheartening for the members to see. They’re clearly working so so hard for this comeback, please just support them. It’s not like they have a choice in whether SuperM disbands or not, so just send in positive words of support, that’s going to help them feel better instead of trending hadhtags like this. They clearly get on well with each other but their schedules are obviously packed. They really need words of support right now not negativity. :/


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AceTae992 pts Thursday, August 27, 2020 0
Thursday, August 27, 2020

People need to realise how rude and entitled that hashtag is. Instead of acknowledging how hard they are working and that the members themselves have said how much they enjoy the group they are using this is an excuse to push their own agendas. Fans from all sides have had a problem with them since the group was announced and didn’t want to support now you ask for them to disband after all the effort they put into this team. Have some respect. It’s one thing asking sm to prioritise their health and another to demand they dismantle what they have worked so hard for. Know the difference please.



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