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Netizens sign a petition to have former YG artist and 1TYM member Song Baekkyung to be removed as a KBS radio DJ


Recently, there has been a rise in netizens who have signed a petition against former YG Entertainment artist Song Baekkyung.

Song Baekkyung, better known as Baekkyung of 1TYM, has been acting as a voice actor at the KBS broadcast station since April of last year. Recently, he has been chosen to become a radio DJ for KBS. However, there are many netizens who are against this.

Previously KBS Radio announced Song Baekkyung will become the new Radio DJ for Happy FM as the program will be going through restructuring. However, after the announcement was made a netizen made a petition on the KBS Viewers' Rights Center webpage stating, "Sewol controversy and DWI controversy: Rescind the decision in making Song Baekkyung a Radio DJ for KBS and take disciplinary actions against senior officials."

The petition asks the broadcast station to remove Song Baekkyung as the Radio DJ because of the various controversies he was involved in such as his controversial statement he had previously made about the Sewol Ferry incident.

Currently, there are over 9,300 people who have signed the petition. The KBS viewer petition system requires that if more than 1,000 people sign the petition in one month, the person in charge of the relevant department should give the viewers a direct answer.

As the controversy increased, it was revealed that Song Baekkyung turned down the position. According to KBS personnel on August 10th KST, Song Baekkyung resigned from the Radio DJ position himself.

Meanwhile, Song Baekkyung stated on his social media, "During the Sewol Ferry incident, this country even made laws to compensate the victims' families millions of KRW but the soldiers who lost their feet trying to protect the country due to the North Korean land mine are using their personal money to get treatment. I'm living in such a sh***y country" causing a controversy.

Other than this, there were instances where Song Baekkyung made other controversial statements as well as being involved in a controversy over DWI back in 2005. 

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jack-bean2,252 pts Monday, August 10, 2020 3
Monday, August 10, 2020

They want him gone because he criticizes Korea for abandoning their veterans in terms of health care.

Basically if you get injured while serving in the military, and those injuries require care beyond what the military will provide, then they will not support you. That is unacceptable.


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pink_oracle8,385 pts Monday, August 10, 2020 3
Monday, August 10, 2020

You can be upset that soldier who protected their country have been poorly taken care of by their government without shitting on the Sewol victims and their families.


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