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Posted by moonkun Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Jessi's Thoughts on 'Numb' and 'NUNA'


Jessi recently came out with her third album, 'NUNA,' featuring six tracks, including the previously released singles, "Who Dat B" and "Drip." Although the album was released in late July, Jessi put out a music video with gorgeous visuals for the B-track, "Numb," which is a song unlike most of her music in her repertoire. On Jessi’s YouTube channel, JessiTV, Jessi revealed the behind the scenes of filming for Numb and shared thoughts on her album as a whole to her Jebbies.

Jessi shared that she often brings her pet Pomeranian, Chewie, to music video filming sets as well as recording studios. Chewie was featured in the video for Drippin, and if you can’t get enough of Chewie, you can follow him on Instagram @softandchewie: 

According to Jessi, Numb is one of the songs she is most excited about revealing on her album. She has wanted to do this kind of music for a long time because her fans have been wanting her to showcase her singing voice. Although Jessi rose to mainstream popularity after her appearance on Unpretty Rapstar, many do not know that she originally debuted as a solo singer in 2005, before taking a temporary hiatus from music and returning to America. To Jessi, Numb is the perfect song for her to show that she is not just a rapper.

“It’s a sad song, but I don’t want the music video to be sad,
” Jessi said while on the filming set. The lyrics of Numb are written to sound sad, but actually aren’t. According to the lyrics, the song features a woman who plays “hard to get” on Mondays and Tuesdays, but gets drunk and parties on the weekends. Jessi believes that everyone can relate to this song, Numb has an entirely different tone compared to the title track, NUNU NANA, so Jessi was proud to show her acting skills in the music video.

“I’m not just SSENUNNI, I like being elegant too,” Jessi said.

Don't worry Jessi, the music video definitely turned out pretty!

Jessi clearly also has a close relationship with her staff, who always praise her for when she’s filming and give her advice on how to show her emotions on camera.

“It’s not a sad song,” Jessi reassured fans. “But I hope you guys enjoy! This is one of my favorite songs on the album [after NUNU NANA]. Don’t be sad, guys. Please show your love for the visuals and the vocals!”

Check out the Numb music video here:

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Even if the song was in Korean it would clearly stand out. I like how Jessi leaves the people that don't know she started out singing first shook because she delivers her raps AND sings so well. It is truly rare.



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