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Posted by haydn-an Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Female Idol members who spent close to ten years as trainees before making their debut


We all know that Kpop idols all go through their trainee period before making their grand debut into the entertainment world. Girl idol groups have become a big part of the industry as groups such as TWICE and Red Velvet lead the Kpop market with their popularity

These girl idol members were also subject to trainee periods as they prepare to make their debut. However, there are a few girl idols who have spent a bit more time as a trainee than others. Some of these idols have made it big today as they became the leading girl idols groups.

So without any further ado, here are some of the girl idol members who spent close to ten years as trainees. This list is not in any particular order and only covers a few if not most of the girl idol members known to spent many years as trainees.

1. Red Velvet member Seulgi

Seulgi entered SM Entertainment in 2007 as a trainee at the young age of 13. She made her debut with Red Velvet back in 2014, which makes Seulgi a trainee for seven years. Before her debut, she was revealed to the public by SM Entertainment in 2013 as one of the three trainees that were revealed. Seulgi endured a long period of time as a trainee and was able to make her debut with the group Red Velvet.

2. Cosmic Girls member Seola

Seola was a trainee at Media Line Entertainment before entering into her current agency Starship Entertainment. Combining the period at Media Line Entertainment, Seola has been a trainee for ten years. Seola has been a trainee for a longer time than the senior girl group SISTAR. However, before making her debut, Seola appeared on various commercials and made her appearance in MV for Boyfriend and Mad Clown.

3. Cosmic Girls member Soobin

Soobin was a trainee since the age of 13, as she started her trainee days back in 2008. She is the second member who spent the longest time as a trainee. She made her debut back in 2015 as she appeared in a web-drama. Then she made her official debut with Cosmic Girls in 2016. Overall, she spent about eight years as a trainee.

4. Former PRISTIN member Siyeon

Siyeon spent approximately eight years as a trainee with the Pledis Entertainment. She started her trainee days when he was in third grade and made her pre-debut as she made appearances in MV for senior artists such as NU'EST. She made an appearance in Produce 101 back in 2016 but was unfortunately unable to make the final cut. Thereafter, she made her official debut with the group PRISTIN in 2017.

5. Former PRISTIN member Sungyeon

Sungyeon entered Pledis Entertainment back in 2009. Before her debut, Sungyeon did various covers such as Alicia Key's "Girl On Fire" and Whitney Houston's "I Look To You". She was revealed by Pledis Entertainment as an official member and appeared in a JTBC show from July to September of 2016. She made her debut in 2017, making her a trainee for eight years.

PRISTIN was a girl group that showed much potential in many aspects but had to disband on 2019 May 24th due to the long negligence of the company.

6. (G)I-DLE member Miyeon

Miyeon was a YG trainee before entering into her current agency CUBE Entertainment. She spent five years with YG Entertainment after entering the company at the age of 14. She was one of the lineup members for BLACKPINK. However, she left the company as the debut became prolonged. She entered CUBE Entertainment and made her debut with (G)I-DLE in 2018. In total, Miyeon spent eight years as a trainee.

7. TWICE member Jihyo

Jihyo was cast to JYP Entertainment back in 2004 after she came in second place at a competition for children actors. She began her trainee period from 2005 until 2015. She spent half her life as a trainee as she spent ten years in total training to become an idol. She made an appearance in JYP Project '6MIX' and was scheduled to make a debut but was prolonged due to the Sewol Ferry incident. Then she was able to finally make her debut with TWICE.

  1. Cosmic Girls
  2. Seola
  3. Soobin
  4. (G)I-DLE
  5. Miyeon
  7. Red Velvet
  8. Seulgi
  9. TWICE
  10. Jihyo
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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

That is some real dedication, mentally and physically.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Is it me or they always forget Aisha ( Everglow) in this kind of "ranking" ...

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