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Famous Korean YouTuber Car Girl and her husband Peter Park have stepped forward to explain all the allegations against them


Famous Korean YouTuber, Car Girl, and her husband Peter Park have stepped forward to explain all the allegations against them.

Recently, YouTuber Car Girl and her husband were involved in a controversy for allegedly lying on their YouTube videos. The husband and wife have gained popularity in Korea being known as a wealthy couple in Korea and are known to be one of the first investors of Tesla.

On August 12th, as the controversy heightened, Car Girl and Peter Park posted on their YouTube community a long letter that explained each controversy and allegations that were made against them. They started by stating, "We would like to apologize for causing concern to our subscribers. We sincerely apologize that we were not able to quickly respond to the on-going controversy. We also acknowledge that our actions and videos are wrong."

On the post, the couple stated, "We started the YouTube channel with the pure heart of wanting to share our love for cars with everyone. However, we used stimulating content in order to increase views, in turn, causing our viewers to imagine certain things. We also did not correct the misinformation that was said about us." The couple admitted that the content to their video was exaggerated and they did not correct the wrong information viewers had about them.

Peter Park and Car Girl explained that they were wrong when they did not mention in the video where they rode expensive cars that those cars were rentals. They explained because of this mistake, many viewers thought they were wealthy. The couple explained the reason they did not correct themselves was that they did not think it was an issue.

As they explained the misunderstanding about the couple, they also explained each one of the controversies they were involved in such as the event with Ferrari's senior designer Maurizio Colby, Peter Park introducing himself as the executive producer of Top Gear Korea, Tesla stocks, the Duke of Richmond Party, the personal tour of McLaren's factory given by McLaren's daughter, and Jeju beer company.

Starting with the design event with Ferrari's senior designer Maurizio Colby, Car Girl explained that she did invite the designer to hold a lecture at Kookmin University in Korea and also helped plan the event. The reason the name 'Car Girl' was omitted from the poster is that she felt her name was too minor next to the major company names.

Pertaining to Top Gear Korea, Peter Park explained, "It is true that I was a contract editor and external producer for the company. However, I did not ever claim to be the Executive Producer without the permission of Top Gear Korea. The video we filmed overseas in England from 2019 June to September was a collaboration with the editorial team of Top Gear Korea."

They also stated that the claim they made about the Tesla stock holdings on 'Yoo Quiz On The Block' was true. Car Girl and Peter Park explained, "When Peter made the investment, Tesla's headquarter was located in San Carlos, California. Peter was in college during that time and stayed in San Carlos for an internship."

They explained that the couple went to the Duke of Richmond Party with help from an acquaintance and went with the acquaintance. They also admitted they only participated in the 'Cloud Fundings' for the Jeju Beer company and are not major shareholders. They explained that they were wrong to half-jokingly state on the videos that they have invested their whole life savings into the beer company and state they were major shareholders.

Other allegations they admitted and explained were that they had rented the vacation home that many viewers thought was theirs. Also, they explained that they did not expect the daughter of McLaren to personally give them a tour of the company. The Car Girl couple stated that they clearly told viewers that they did not expect McLaren's daughter to appear.

YouTuber Car Girl and her husband concluded by stating, "We should have only been a good influence, but we apologize that we showed such a shameful action. The current situation is causing great pain to us, to those around us, and everyone who has helped our channel. We sincerely ask everyone to be careful about stating what has not yet been confirmed."

Since the controversy, Car Girl has taken down all videos from the YouTube channel and has lost many subscribers.

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danieb784 pts Thursday, August 13, 2020 2
Thursday, August 13, 2020

I've never heard of this couple but it sounds like a mixture of lies and viewers making their own assumptions. I've learned that most big time Youtubers are pretty untruthful, semi-evil, or hiding something.


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jack-bean2,257 pts Thursday, August 13, 2020 0
Thursday, August 13, 2020

The only YouTube personalities I trust are Milky, Boki and Tan.



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