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'Mr. Trot' concert postponed for the fourth time even after spending 1 billion KRW (~836,000 USD) in preventative measures against COVID19


The concert for 'Mr. Trot' has been postponed once again. Show Play, the production company for the concert, announced they will postpone the concert that was scheduled from July 24th to the 26th. They stated on July 22nd, "We will temporarily postpone the five performances for the concert 'Tomorrow is Mr.Trot' that was scheduled for the 24th to the 26th." They also stated that they will announce on July 27th about what will occur with the remaining 15 performances that are scheduled to take place at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. 

The performances of Mr. Trot's concert was originally scheduled for April but was first postponed to May. Then it was postponed a third time and rescheduled for June. However, the concert was once again postponed a fourth time because the Songpa Local government had issued an administrative ban on large scale gatherings for performances on July 21st.

Show Play revealed that they had already spent four days setting up for the concert and had a day left before the onsite rehearsal when they received a notice from the Seoul Olympic Stadium to suspend all activities.

They revealed that they had spent three weeks setting up preventative measures for the spread of the virus and have spent approximately 1 billion KRW (~835,600 USD) in disinfecting and quarantining all the equipment and location for the concert so that the concert can be held in a safe environment.

The production company stated, "We feel apologetic to all the fans and audience who are waiting for the concert." The seats were sold out as soon as the tickets were on sale and the production company expressed their dilemma as to who will take responsibility for the concert being suddenly postponed. The production company was also baffled since they were notified of the ban on collective gathering three days before the date of the concert.

Show Play revealed they had planned to only use 5,200 seats at a stadium that can hold 15,000 people in order to abide by the 'distance guidelines' but now the cost of the concert has grown exponentially due to the concert being postponed multiple times because of the sudden notice from government offices.

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thealigirl85,658 pts Wednesday, July 22, 2020 0
Wednesday, July 22, 2020

poor things. that's rough but safety should be first



23ExoL78 pts Wednesday, July 22, 2020 0
Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Many korean fans were excited for the concert but now its again postponed...for a fan it must be devastating to hear that the concert got cancelled for which they waited for long...



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